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The success of any business comes down to its people. At Dallas Maids, we hire individuals who have both a strong work ethic and a good heart. We retain talent by offering good pay, awesome benefits, and the respect every loyal employee deserves.


In 2004, Greg left the high-tech world of IBM and Bank of America to found Dallas Maids. Greg formed close relationships with other maid-service owners and incorporated the best of what he saw to build a business of value.


You are welcome to visit our home-quarters anytime. If you don’t have time to drive down, here is a Google “See Inside” virtual tour of our office. Navigate the 360° tour with your mouse or keyboard and explore Dallas Maids’ office, room by room.


Saves You Time

Dallas Maids helps you live smarter, giving you more time for family, friends, and yourself!

Safety First

Our house cleaners are trained on Dallas Maids' safety procedures and best practices. Our staff is covered by Workman Compensation.

Only The Best Quality

Only 2% of job applicants pass out 5-Step interviewing process. We look for 1) a good heart and 2) a good work ethic.

Cleaning Maid Easy!

Select number of bedrooms and bathrooms, date and relax. Don't stress! We'll handle your mess.

Seamless communication​

Online communication makes it easy for you to stay in touch with Dallas Maids.

Cash Free Payment​

Pay securely online only when the house cleaning is complete.

Pamper Yourself with Professional House Cleaning by Dallas Maids


Dallas Maids is all about people: both you and our employees. We could not offer you the best home cleaning service in Dallas without choosing the best professional home cleaners. Our workers are carefully screened for not just their skills but also their character. In fact, we hire less than 2 percent of our applicants. We are our people – The Best!

In return for meeting and maintaining our high standards and putting our beliefs and mission into action, we reward our team by offering them a positive work environment, performance bonuses, living wages, and sponsor social events and activities. Our mission is to enrich the lives of our team as much as they enrich yours by keeping your home fresh and spotless.

Meet the management team who tirelessly takes care of our professional home cleaners so they can focus on taking care of you and your family.



General Manager

Monse is optimistic with a positive sense of humor, regarded as a lady of good will at Dallas Maids. Her natural tendency to befriend customers is a coveted personality trait here because it aligns with our view customers are more than just a number; they are our friends and the reason why we are here.


Service Manager

Nelly radiates welcoming energy while wearing a warm smile. Her dedication to detail and perfection has propelled her to a supervisory position where she helps our housekeepers excel in-field. Her drive derives from being a single mother of 3 amazing boys for whom she has worked hard to provide for.



Human Resource

Valentina has an uncanny talent with finding the top house cleaning talent in Dallas. Having someone dedicated full-time with finding the best cleaners has made all the difference – while other maid services cherish their few, top performers, here at Dallas Maids all of our personnel are 5-star performers.



Sales Representative
Daniela is our sales representative and the ultimate guru of spotless sales pitches at Dallas Maids. With a smile that can outshine even the cleanest kitchen counter, Daniela has been turning inquiries into loyal customers one dust bunny at a time. She makes booking house cleaning services in Dallas a breeze.


Quality Assurance Specialist

Analin is instrumental in ensuring we maintain award-winning customer service by sharpening staff’s customer service skills while monitoring staff/customer interactions so nothing falls through the cracks. Ever had a maid service miss a to-do item or even an entire cleaning appointment? Yeah. That doesn’t happen here.

About Dallas Maids


If there is one thing we love at Dallas Maids, it’s a great story. We are so honored when we hear that our help has made the day to day lives of our customers easier, their life happier. Or when we know we helped lessen the stress of a family moving in or out of their house. Or when after a tough season, we can shoulder the burden of making someone’s home clean, peaceful, and more enjoyable. On good days those stories make us smile and on challenging days, they help us soldier on with the knowledge that we are truly making a positive impact on the lives of Dallas area families – and that’s all that really matters.

If you’re a newer customer with Dallas Maids or just thinking about having us clean your home, it’s easy to assume we’ve always been a maid service of x cleaners that serves x families each week. I get that sentiment! But our cleaning company story actually begins over 20 years ago, of all places in the high-tech industry.

Greg, our founder, first moved to Texas in 1993 where he attended and graduated with honors from Baylor University with a degree in Management Information systems and Marketing. Fast forward several years and he was working first at IBM and then at Bank of America. Greg’s time in those fields allowed him to see a very real need in the area as met, befriended, and began to understand the home-cleaning industry. In 2004, he left the high-tech world to start Dallas Maids LLC.

The first few years were marked by the humdrum struggles of a new business – finding customers, building an excellent team, and sheer stress that comes with trying something new! Yet slowly and steadily, Dallas Maids began to grow and reach more people in the greater Dallas metropolitan area. With our growth came innovations in hiring processes, scheduling techniques, customer service, and customer appreciation that helped us set our maid service apart as a truly unique, quality housecleaning business in Dallas.

As our house cleaning service grew, we never lost sight of what really matters: creating a clean, healthy, and enjoyable space for people to enjoy their homes and unwind after a hard day of work. From our first day until now that has remained our passion – to allow customers the chance to take a deep breath, relax a little faster, and know that we’ve handled at least one of the major chores for them. This unyielding dedication of adding happiness to our customers’ live by removing the chore of cleaning has been repeatedly recognized. Dallas Maids has earned numerous awards and recognition for our family-owned maid service over the years.

Then 2020 happened. We need not recount all the trials of that apocalyptic year since there were so many. As a business that lost 50% of our business, seemingly overnight, under the Dallas area lockdown at the outbreak of the pandemic, we were scared, baffled, and unsure of the path forward. But just as you allowed us to become a part of your story over the last 20 years, in 2020 you stepped up to help take care of us – you became part of our story. Many of our amazing customers continued to support us in a trying financial season and even allowed us to serve front line workers, who too overworked and exhausted to clean their own homes, by donating cleaning services for their homes.

If our history has taught us anything, it’s that we matter to each other. We would be hard pressed to be here if it weren’t for our customers loving and unexpected kindness in 2020. At the same time, we know our customers have benefitted from our commitment to serving them throughout the years. As we look forward to the next 20 years of business, we are excited to see how that story continues to unfold in surprising and uplifting ways that we cannot possibly guess.



Take a Google “See Inside” virtual tour of our office. Navigate the 360° tour with your mouse or keyboard and explore Dallas Maids’ home, room by room.

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“Extremely pleased with Dallas Maids. I would recommend them to my friends and family!”

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