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Why a deep cleaning? Well, we’ve all been there. The normal cleaning stuff is done. Laundry is done and (mostly) folded. Kitchen is somewhat tidy. Vacuumed recently. Dusted, five, no six weeks ago. Home is in…alright shape.

But whenever you sit down you have this gnawing certainty that somewhere there is something really gross and you’ve missed it. Maybe spill behind a piece of furniture. A snack half eaten and set aside only to grow stale and suspiciously fuzzy. When we had our first daughter, my wife had this little game I called “the grossest easter egg hunt.” New parents, we struggled to adapt as everyone does. So my wife, wonderful mother that she is, would change our daughter’s diaper, set it aside and then immediately pick her up to comfort or play with her.

Normally the diapers were disposed of by the end of day. But sometimes my daughter would need to be changed in a random part of the house, and days later a funny smell would emerge. I’d look under her glider chair or behind some toy…and there it was – the “easter” egg.

That story is gross but it’s life. We do our best and sometimes things get particularly gritty. Take our customer, Richard’s story for example. After the pandemic began in 2020, Richard started working from home. Home cleaning wasn’t an option for over a year for him and so things went tidied but not deep cleaned. His first cleaning he hired us to really find the grime and take care of it. Five hours later, he was delighted. Windows cleaned, fixtures polished, deep crevices scoured and disinfected. He needed a deep cleaning and we were there to do it.

Deep Cleaning

Best Deep Clean in Dallas

Many of our customers have told us our Standard House Cleaning is comparable to other maid services’ deep cleans. So just imagine what our Deep Cleaning is must be… we’ll save you the suspense: its the best deep clean in Dallas.

As a cleaning company, Dallas Maids offers many types of cleaning services. And if you’ve checked our House Cleaning service page, you probably have a good idea by now of what a standard service entails. But in many cases, it’s not enough.

This is why we’ve come up with a Deep Cleaning service. A deep cleaning service, also known as a detail clean, will cover many more areas and pay special attention to the entire cleaning process, leaving your home truly spotless.

What's Cleaned?

A deep cleaning is in addition to all the normal services of a standard house cleaning. If your home is cleaned regularly by a cleaning service (**fingers crossed it’s us**) then deep cleanings only need to happen every 8-12 months. If it’s been awhile since you’ve had a good home cleaning (more than a couple of months), it might be time to have a deep cleaning. We’ve also had customers who were bedridden for weeks after surgery. Once they were back on their feet they called us to help them battle the dust bunnies and make home clean and healthy again.

We do have a full list of what a deep cleaning down below. Deep cleanings can be hard to describe because what you need might be very specific. Is your oven and fridge a mess? We can do that. If not what about your pantries or cupboard. What about that closet we don’t speak of? Bathrooms are top priority too. Not just scrubbing and cleaning, but using top products to prevent mildew or mold buildup from reappearing so quickly, cleaning out the fan filter screens, scrubbing the underside and back (yes, the back) of your toilet.

Deep cleanings are special in that they focus on a sturdy clean throughout and then laser focus on what is causing you the most ire. Baseboards? Got it. Behind the stove and refrigerator? Help us move it and we’re on it.


If you’re a first timer you might have some questions about what type of service you should hire. Here we will break down the exact meaning of Deep cleaning service and when you should or shouldn’t book one.


How Do I Get Ready?

Great question. The first question to ask is “do I need a deep cleaning or a standard cleaning?” If your home has been deep cleaned recently or is regularly cleaned you might not need this particular option. If it’s been a minute, then spend some time figuring out what specifically needs to be deep cleaned. You’re going to get a standard home cleaning as part of a deep clean. So what in addition to the normal stuff needs special attention?

Once you have the answer, the rest is easy. Simply click the “Book Now” button and choose “Deep cleaning” under “Select Extras” to set up a deep cleaning. Our team will be in touch to confirm your appointment and find out what in particular needs special attention. It can be one thing or seven. We’re coming to take care of it so you don’t have too.

Below are some options we provide in deep cleaning. The important thing to remember is that we deep clean in addition to a standard clean and we focus on what you want us to. Scroll down more to see what’s available. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask us about it. If we don’t offer that particular service (like exterior window cleaning) we can recommend some great partners to take care of you. Either way, we want your home to feel clean again. Like walk in the door, take a sniff, and instantly know that it’s clean and ready for you to relax.

When to book a deep cleaning service

There’s a set of situations where a deep cleaning service might work for you.

A deep cleaning service is awesome for a first-time service. You can consider yourself a first timer if you a) have never hired a cleaning service or b) you haven’t cleaned your home professionally in a while (more than 2 months, for example).

Of course, this is just an estimate. It’s not easy to give an exact range because all households are different. It is more likely that you’ll need a deep cleaning service depending on where you live and the way you run your household.

For example, if you live in a city with poor air quality, such as Dallas, your home might require cleaning more often. Or, if you have pets or kids, that’s another situation where your home gets messy faster.

Deep cleaning is ideal for a first time service to start things off with the right foot and work on the bigger issues first. Even if you have been hiring a standard cleaning service regularly, you should perform a deep cleaning once in a while.

Another good reason to hire a deep cleaning service is if you need a service that goes beyond a standard one. It could be because you have a special gathering coming soon: a party, a birthday or a meeting. Festivities are also a good idea: your home could really use a deep cleaning right before Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Finally, the best reason for deciding on a deep cleaning is to take care of your home, particularly those areas that are not covered in a standard house cleaning.

When not to book a deep cleaning service

If you have booked regularly a cleaning service for some time now, you won’t need another deep cleaning service in a while. You can ask the recommended frequency before booking your next service.

Last but not least: if you’re moving in or out of your current house, you might think (by mistake) of deciding to hire a deep cleaning service. While it is important to have a spotless home right before you go in or out, moving is such a particular situation that it needs a whole different checklist for ensuring that all the important areas are left clean.

This is why Dallas Maids has a move in/out cleaning type service that you can check here.

Remember you can contact us if you have any further questions!


The kitchen is a demanding spot, and it’s no surprise that it requires a deep cleaning service occassionally.

Besides the standard cleaning procedure, we will also clean grease filters, knick-knack areas, clean and shine appliances, fixtures and ceiling fans, wipe all kitchen furniture and baseboards, and even spot clean doors and frames for fingerprints!


The bathroom is next. We always take extra care of bathrooms because it’s one of the most concerning areas for our customers.

On top of cleaning all fixtures and surfaces as usual within our standard house cleaning service.

For example: give extra attention to floors, wipe the front of cabinets, baseboards, individually clean knick-knacks and pay extra attention to your shower door.

Living & Bedroom area

Your living and bedroom area are the last steps here. Even though they might not be humid areas like your kitchen or bathroom, you might find them filled with dust, stains or even grime that’s been building up in hard-to-reach areas.

Besides all common surfaces and pieces of furniture, deep cleaning goes a step beyond. Every component that usually gets left behind in your traditional cleaning routine will now be taken care of.

This means dusting and wiping anything from lampshades, picture frames and ceiling fans to blinds, window sills and baseboards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Forgetting about your booking is common, especially among first timers. But there’s no need to worry! If this is the first time you’ve hired our services, or if this is a one-time service, we will call the day before to ensure your home will be available for cleaning on the next day.

We just need a few things from you to get ready beforehand.

First things first, decide whether you are staying home during the cleaning service, if you are leaving right before handing the keys or if you will not be home. Promptly let us know during the booking process or before the cleaning day to ensure our staff will be able to enter your home.

Next, please declutter your home a little bit. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to vacuum, wipe surfaces, dust, or any other cleaning-related task. That’s what we are here for! We just need you to pick items up off the ground and arrange items the best you can. For our cleaners, this means less time and energy spent picking up items allowing them to focus on cleaning your home.

Finally, don’t forget to place important documents in a safe area such as a drawer or cabinet. Otherwise, they could be mistakenly disposed of by our cleaning staff.

After you take all previous steps, feel free to plan out your day while we clean your home!

You being home to let our staff in is great. It’s perfect for starting right away. In fact, it’s super common for customers to wait for our staff to arrive, leave them the keys and then departing to enjoy your free time. If you want to, you can give them brief instructions or any information you deem necessary.

You do not need to stay home while our staff works their magic. But if you choose to do so, we kindly ask you two things:

Please do not helicopter the cleaners. They are professionals and with plenty of experience on cleaning. Of course, they can miss an area or surface from time to time, like any human being. If that is the case, please wait until they finish and if you wish to, you can check their work and point out if there’s anything that was not completed to yoursatisfaction.

Many people work from home, especially since COVID-19 started. Or perhaps you would just prefer to stay home, and that’s okay! We do ask you to please stay out of their way when our cleaners are working. If you are working, please briefly leave when it’s time for our staff to clean your office or workspace. You can take a break or continue your work in a different area.

If you are working, running errands or enjoying your free time we are able to do our job without any issues!

For our staff to enter your home, you have two main options. Many customers purchase a lockbox and provide the code to our cleaners so they are able to go in, do their job and securely lock up before leaving. You can also leave your key in a discrete place on the premises.

For apartment cleaning, you have an additional option: you can call your leasing office and let them know about your maid service coming in and authorizing them for a key to your apartment. Once the cleaners arrive, they exchange their ID for the key at the leasing office, and they give it back once they finish.

We have no problem working with pets! If they are friendly around strangers, feel free to let them roam around your home.

However, if you suspect there’s a chance of them being aggressive or agitated around our staff, please put them in a secured area or take them to the park while our cleaners do their job. The last thing we all want to see is an accident or someone getting injured.

At Dallas Maids we work hard to ensure your happiness during the entire process: during, before and after your cleaning. Part of this involves quality control once our staff completes the service.

The very next day after you’ve booked your cleaning service, we will call you and ask you a few questions about the way our staff’s performance and interaction with you.

Occasionally, we will ask you for an online review. This won’t take you more than 5 minutes, it helps us show our work and it also helps other people looking for a cleaning service to see whether or not our company fits their needs.

If you’ve booked our service regularly, we will also follow up occasionally to make sure everything is going perfect and that our quality stays top-notch.

If you were less than happy at any point of the service, please call us within 48 hours. We will listen to your complaints, take note and if the cleaning process was not followed correctly, we will fix it at your earliest convenience at no additional charge.

It’s perfectly normal to hire a one-time service to test the waters and see if you would enjoy recurrent cleanings in the future.

We hope you were happy enough with our services to switch to a recurrent cleaning schedule. If that’s the case, feel free to let us know that during our follow-up call after your service, or use any of our contact media.

Or just go to our booking page and select your preferred frequency for cleaning!

Our passion goes beyond offering stellar cleaning services. We are dedicated to our community and serving our friends and family, which is why our customer service is done with care and love for what we do.

Having a professional staff taking care of your home translates into having more time for doing what you love.

Call us at 469-487-6669 for a free quote!