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Getting Started

When you book online, an account will automatically be created for you.   If you would like to create an account without booking, click “LOGIN” in the header of any page at Choose “Sign up”. After confirming your email address, you will be able to book, edit, and cancel cleaning appointments; view your cleaning service history with Dallas Maids; and more.

Dallas Maids’ primary service areas include Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Farmers Branch, Addison, Carrollton, Irving, Mesquite, Garland, Frisco, Highland Park, and University Park. View the map on Our Services page.


If we are not in your service area, just call and ask. Many times, we can accommodate other areas based on jobs already scheduled close to your home.

Kitchen/Eating Areas 1. Dust (including under items and tops of things) 2. Countertops 3. Floors 4. Corners 5. Microwave: inside and outside 6. Outside of all Appliances 7. Refrigerator-freezer: top, handles, and sides 8. Cabinets 9. Chrome 10.Stainless steel Bathroom Cleaning 1. Dust (including under items and on tops of things) 2. Countertops 3. Floors 4. Corners 5. Behind toilet and trashcan 6. Shower: walls and doors 7. Chrome 8. Mirrors 9. Toilets 10.Mildew, soap scum and water stains Living & Bedroom Cleaning 1. Dust (including under items and tops of things) 2. Windowsills and ledges 3. Window blinds 4. Ceiling fans 5. Minor organizing 6. Bookshelves 7. Floors 8. Corners 9. Air vents 10.Molding
You can find out now by booking service online. You will see the final price on the form before you confirm appointment.
  • Regularly scheduled housecleaning: weekly, biweekly, or monthly (every four weeks)
  • One-time housecleaning: before or after a party; while recovering from surgery, injury or illness; etc.
  • Detail housecleaning: spring cleaning, zombie apocalypse cleanup, etc.
  • Make ready: moving in and moving out
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Other: We can accommodate any type of clean. Just let us know what you need!
  For more information, see “What is included in a standard cleaning?” above.
Yes, you can add tasks when booking online. If you do not see the extra option you want, no worries. Just call and ask. We are capable of handling almost any cleaning-related job. And if not, we will find a professional who can accommodate you.

Yes. You do not need to buy or give us access to anything we need to do our job. We use eco-friendly cleaning supplies as much as possible. If you have a special need, such as unscented products, or want us to use your own supplies and equipment, just let us know.

Definitely. A team that is familiar with your home can clean most efficiently and effectively. Of course, if a team member is unavailable at your appointment time, we will send a substitute to ensure you receive service.

For a first-time cleaning, we recommend that you meet the professional housecleaners at your home so you can show them around and watch the quality of their work. However, if you cannot be present, that is fine too.


Most of our regular clients prefer to give us a key so we can clean when they are away. All keys are secured when not in use. If you wish to hide a key on your premises, please call the office with the location so we can notify the team prior to their arrival.

If you have never had maid service, then you are in for a treat!


We make setting up maid service easy. You can book an appointment in 60 seconds. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Just call us for a free consultation.


Like many people, you may prefer to start with a detail cleaning. You can then switch to routine cleaning service at a frequency that suits you. Biweekly maid service is our most popular option.


Housecleaning is hard work, and the first service is by far the most labor intensive, as we bring your house up to our sparkling-clean standard. After the first deep cleaning, it will take much less time (on an ongoing basis) to maintain that new high level of cleanliness.


You can also schedule a first-time regular cleaning. This takes less time than a detail cleaning but is still more intensive than a recurring regular cleaning. Rest assured, no matter how we start, we do not mess around with clean.

First, mention your specific wants and needs while booking online or with a Dallas Maids representative. Go into detail. Give us instructions on handling pets, keys, alarms, or other specifics about your household. If you want us to pay extra attention to any area, make your requests at this time so we can bring any special cleaning supplies and be prepared to address these issues on our first visit.


It is fine to give us a to-do list. Just include it while booking online, or email us before your appointment. That way, we will be sure to schedule enough time to take care of the tasks on your list. We are happy to address very specific items, even room by room.


A note on small items


Clutter is the No. 1 thing that slows us down. The truth is that knickknacks, however neatly arranged, are glorified clutter. Just because you treasure an object does not mean it is not clutter. An excess of items that are not used or moved frequently causes dust and grime to build up in that general area.


Closely related to clutter is outright mess. Our professional housecleaners are ready to start the dirty work as soon as they arrive at your home. But first, they have to pick up all the newspapers and magazines, Legos and pet toys, pins and pens, dishes and glasses, clothing and shoes strewn all over.


We do not mind picking up before we clean. After all, you are paying us for the extra time it takes to do it. But it is not the best use of your money.


When you spend a few minutes putting everything in its place, we can do the jobs you hate most, such as scrubbing the toilets and mopping the floors. Besides, by training little Tommy and Alayna to tidy up after themselves, you are instilling a life skill that will serve them well socially and professionally.

We are ready to make your home shine Monday through Saturday. Saturday cleaning rates are slightly higher because we prefer to minimize weekend work for our cleaning staff. And we compensate them with higher pay if they do work on a Saturday.


Dallas Maids is not open on Sundays.

Our cleaning crew will arrive within the two-hour time window specified by your online booking confirmation or Dallas Maids service representative.


Each of our cleaning teams handles approximately two to five jobs each day. The clients scheduled before you and traffic conditions can sometimes affect our arrival time. We do make every attempt to arrive very close to our scheduled time, but some things are out of our control. We ask for your understanding if we are running behind.


If you have a special need regarding timing, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you.

We send individuals for smaller jobs and a team of two for bigger jobs.

Pricing & Policies

Dallas Maids policies are designed to promote a reliable, consistent experience for our customers and staff alike.

While we know schedules can change quickly, rescheduling or skipping a cleaning service appointment with short notice causes great stress for our home cleaners. We want to eliminate as much stress for them so they can focus on their job – making our customers happy!

Therefore, fees apply when bookings are cancelled or rescheduled. Please provide at least 48 hours’ notice for all cancellations otherwise a $70.00 fee is applied.

If your cleaning is less than stellar, let us know within 48 hours. We will return to your home within seven days and reclean any area you were not 100% satisfied with.


If you are still not 100% satisfied with your cleaning service, then one of our managers will visit your home for an inspection and refund your payment in full.


* The guarantee does not apply if the cleaning crew was hindered by other contractors performing work in the home, lack of running water or electricity, excessive clutter, etc.

Our maid service plans are based on the average time it takes to clean a home the size of yours. If your home is in a condition that requires special attention and takes more than an extra hour to clean, we reserve the right to bill you for the extra time at an hourly rate.


In the world of housecleaning, the average home size is determined by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Please note that nontraditional homes or irregular spaces may not be “average” and may require more or less time to clean.


Regular cleanings allow your team to become familiar with your home. Consequently, the cleaning takes less time to complete and your charge is less. That is why weekly, biweekly, or monthly maid service costs less than a first-time or one-time cleaning.


Our rates, our guarantee, and our dedication to you remain the same whether you book us for a single or recurring cleaning service.

We sure do!   Subscribe to our mailing list (at the bottom right on every page) or join us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest housecleaning deals and discounts.   Our current cleaning specials:  
  1. $20.00 Off your cleaning if you schedule service on a Monday or Tuesday. Use discount code “$20MT” at online checkout.
  2. Seven percent (7%) senior citizen discount. Use discount code “SENIOR7” at online checkout.

No contracts.


We’re happy to earn your business each time we clean, and we have built Dallas Maids doing just that.

If you book with a credit card, we will charge your card on the day of service. You can provide your credit card information in the online booking form or over the phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


If you prefer to pay with a check or cash, we require payment by the day before your scheduled service. Please note that returned checks are subject to a $35.00 processing fee.

Absolutely. Housecleaning is a wonderful gift for holidays, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, retirements, and housewarmings. Or just tell someone “thank you.” You can easily order a gift card for any amount here.

Manage Your Account

Visit our customer page at

You can submit a password change request on the customer login page at

Log into your account at and select “Forgot Password” and enter your email address, from there you will be prompted to complete a password reset.

Log into your account at and update your address on file.

Log into your account at and update your card on file. Your new card will automatically be noted as your default card.

Simply go to our booking form and schedule your appointment online. Alternatively, you can give us a call if there are any issues at all.

Trust & Safety

If any issues arise, your cleaning team will call the office immediately. Our office staff will then notify you of the issue and help find a resolution quickly.

Yes. Once you have entered your credit card information into the booking form or have a representative enter it for you, the data is no longer viewable, even to Dallas Maids’ office staff. Only the last four digits of the credit card number show anywhere in our system.

Yes. In addition to criminal background checks, all job applicants go through extensive work reference checks and employment verification checks.


Without question. We conduct thorough background checks on all our employees. We also insure our professional housecleaners. No matter whom you hire to clean your home, always insist on a criminal background check.


We turn down 100 percent of applicants who have a criminal record of theft or any other conviction. Dallas Maids sends screened, trusted, and dependable employees to your door. If we would not trust someone to clean our own home or office, we are not going to send them to clean yours.

Don’t take our word for it! Dallas Maids has been recognized for quality, superior service and value we offer our customers by:

A list of Awards and Recognition can be found on our Awards & Recognitions page.

Yes, we are insured for your protection. Dallas Maids carries liability insurance for up to $1,000,000.00. Insurance protects you, covering damage to your home or property that is caused by Dallas Maids employees. 


Dallas Maids also has Workman Compensation, protecting our professional house cleaners from any injuries while on the job. 

Please call us within 48 hours if you were unhappy or something was missed during your cleaning. We try very hard to please our clients, but sometimes we do make mistakes. We guarantee our services, so we will return to correct the problem at no additional charge. 


If something small was missed that you would just like to bring to our attention. Please do call, email, or leave a note for the team the next time they come out. But please do let us know, we would not want to make the same mistake twice. Communication is very important. If we don’t hear from you, we will assume everything is well.


We welcome all feedback that helps us improve our service to you.

We treat your home or business with as much care as if is was our own, and of course we carry insurance if there is an unfortunate mishap. If you have any irreplaceable or high value items in your home, please notify us so we do not risk damaging them. 


We assume no liability for damage or loss of items that are not secured in a proper manner, or previously damaged before cleaning. (Example: heavy pictures hanging from thumbtacks, or dings in furniture that were there before we cleaned). Further, we will assume no liability for damage or loss caused by the negligence of the Customer.

You’ll receive a reminder email and/or a text message 3 days and 1 day before scheduled house cleaning to remind. If the team is dispatched, drives to your home, and we are unable to get in and clean, a $70.00 trip fee will be assessed. This is a minimal fee that is in place to cover the cost of our transportation, rescheduling, and employee wages as they travel to and from your home.


Login you Dallas Maids account online or call us a day before the scheduled cleaning to avoid this cancellation fee.