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Move In and Move Out Cleaning

Is there anything worse than having to move, work, and hold it all together? Moving is tough. It’s a real drain on all of us. If you rent, it can be even more frustrating. Every crumb left or speck of dust might irk your property manager just enough to not return your security deposit. It’s one of those weird moments in life where being tidy could literally be worth $1,000+ depending on rental deposits.

That’s where James found himself when he called us for a move out cleaning. Trying to move, work, and clean his former apartment. It’s funny sometimes how little credit we give ourselves as people. We work full time jobs, take care of ourselves and those we love, care, love, serve. And somehow in the midst of that we uproot our lives and move. It’s a lot.

James contacted us with incredibly short notice. His place was nearly empty but he didn’t have the bandwidth to get it over the finish line. With a security deposit on the line, he called us. We tailored our service to James. That’s what we do. We have cleaning packages and standards but if you tell us you need something special, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

In James’ case we called before we arrived so he could leave work and let Reina in to clean. On top of that, James knew that is carpets needed some TLC. So we scheduled carpet cleaning with our carpet cleaner. Reina dusted, swept, vacuumed, polished, and set things in order. Our carpet cleaning guru set to work and made sure the carpets were spick and span.

That’s what we do. We are more than a house cleaning service. Above all, we are in the people service industry. A friend of mine works for a large company in Florida. He has shared with me a few times that the core of his company’s mission isn’t their product, it’s serving others. Their slogan is literally “where shopping is a pleasure.” It’s about more than just products and services. It’s about seeing each other as people and working together for our collective good. 

James was more than pleased and gave us a five star review. We are grateful for his kind words and acknowledgment of our special and peculiar way of doing business.

What’s Cleaned?

Our move in/move out special focuses on all the standard cleaning features: dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, polishing, shining. But more than that we make sure the home you are coming into or leaving is shining. It is a chance for our cleaners to reach all those areas that would not normally be accessible when the home is occupied such as inside the drawers, cabinets, refrigerator, etc. We dust and clean light fixtures, vents, counter tops and all surfaces. Most of the time we don’t think to clean and sanitize the back of the tank on the toilet. When you hire us for a move in/move out cleaning we do even that.

Do you have a special request for your move in/out? Is there something you are particularly interested in having cleaned? A weird stain? A stubborn oil or grease stain? Let us know and we’ll give it special attention. If it’s outside our are of specialty, we will recommend a partner to contact. We won’t make a dollar off you if you choose to hire our recommended partners. There’s no money in it for us. We just want you to know that we care about you, particularly when life is as chaotic as moving.

How Do I Get Ready?

How do I get ready?Interested in talking to us more about a move in or a move out cleaning? Click the “book now” button below and choose the “Move In/Out” under “Select Extra” or the “call us now” button. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your home is as clean as you have ever seen it.

Move in and move out cleanings are different from most others because your home/apartment is empty. For this type of deep cleaning, we will need to be able to move around without furniture, boxes, or other knick knacks getting in the way. With that in mind, we ask our customers to make sure their home is empty. If you have a box or two left just let us know and we’ll work around them. Of course, the garage is an option too for storage.

If you are moving in during the weekend, you can work with us to get into your home on Friday so that first day you can skip the hassle before moving all your stuff. If you’re moving out, just let us know when you need to be off/out of the residence and we will work with you on the right time to come clean your old digs. Either way, we are ready to take one less thing off your plate so you can get back to your life a little quicker once the moving frenzy ends.

Finally, please ensure water and electricity is still on otherwise we won’t be able to clean! Our cleaning crews need electricity to power their vacuums and have light to see while water is essential for the wet jobs of scrubbing tubs/showers and mopping the floors.

They both share a lot of features

You’re running multiple errands to settle everything out, with lots of stressful situations and furniture to be packed or unpacked. The least thing you want to do at this point is clean your home inside out.

Let’s find out why is it necessary to book this service when you’re moving in or out, how is it different from the standard & deep cleaning service, as well as all the benefits that will bring onto your moving process.

What Is a Move In & Move Out Cleaning Service?

Hiring us for your move out clean saves you time!With this service, you can get your home cleaned before or after you’ve moved. It has a deeper approach than standard and deep cleaning.

Houses and apartments get dirty and messy with time. That’s perfectly normal as part of a regular household routine. However, it can get really noticeable because there are corners you’ve never seen and things that haven’t been moved around for years.

This type of service is meant exactly for those cases, where you can’t overlook them anymore and they should be cleaned before you move. After emptying out all your belongings, you will have empty cabinets, drawers, closets and pantries.

You might have to move your stove or your fridge, too. That might not be a pleasant thing to look at! however, what is for sure is hiring Dallas Maids for you move out cleaning will save you time!

What Does a Move Out Clean Involve?

Besides the tasks that are already included in a standard cleaning service, your move in & move out service will perform additional tasks that should be performed occasionally (and moving is the perfect occasion!) or that can only be done with an empty home.

The move in/move out cleaning service covers basically any surface you can think of. Floors, countertops, shelves, and even plumbing and light fixtures.

Remember your home needs to be empty of furniture and people at the time the service is booked. Here’s a rundown of every area:

Move Out Check List


Besides the standard process (cleaning your countertops, your sink, the outside of your range hood, as well as dusting and removing cobwebs) this type of service also includes many more tasks to leave your kitchen spotless, which are:

  • Cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Cleaning inside range hood
  • Spot cleaning doors and frames for fingerprints
  • Cleaning and shining appliances inside and outside
  • Hand wiping all kitchen furniture
  • Cleaning inside and outside of cabinets
  • Cleaning drip filters
    Wiping baseboards

As you can see, an empty home allows for reaching many more areas, such as the inside of cabinets and your range hood as well as the drip filters and the light fixtures.


Your bathroom will look like brand new after we give it a good rundown. The additional cleaning tasks include:

  • Wiping baseboards
  • Scrubbing tile grouting
  • Spot cleaning door and frames for fingerprints
  • Cleaning inside and outside of cabinets
  • Cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Giving extra attention to floors

Living & Bedroom area

In this case, if you check our checklist for standard cleaning, you might notice that the list here is actually smaller. If you think about it it makes perfect sense. Because the house is empty, a move in & move out cleaning will focus on cleaning all surfaces and elements that are fixed in your home but that are not cleaned regularly.

This cleaning service includes:

  • Vacuuming carpet edges
  • Cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Damping wipe ledges and window sills
  • Dusting mini blinds
    Wiping baseboards
  • Removing cobwebs
    Spot cleaning frames and doors for fingerprints

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