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D Magazine recommends Dallas Maids:

D Magazine had their journalists secretly called various maid services in Dallas posing as a home owner seeking professional house cleaning. Based on the service they received, they chose a select few maid services to be recommended by D Home Magazine. Thank you D Magazine for recognizing our hard work!D Magazine recommends Dallas Maids

D Home Magazine article:

Company founder and president Greg Shepard left the high-tech world to launch Dallas Maids, and his business background, coupled with a degree from Baylor University, has served him well.

Shepard says, “This business [house cleaning] is all about integrity. It’s important to form relationships with clients, and find out what they really like.” Although Dallas Maids’ core business is regular cleaning for repeat customers, the firm also specializes in move-outs and detailed, thorough cleaning of the house.

“You find out pretty quick what works and what doesn’t.” Shepard says. His strategies – hiring only the best through a stringent interview and evaluation process and maintaining good business relationships with the competition – are working.  The hourly rate for first-time customers is $30 per hour. After the first time, rates are flat and depend on the house 

This is how they chose Dallas Maids:

So under the direction of Heather Vance, we devised a system for culling out great service providers in 61 different categories. We hired 14 reporters who became mini-experts in their fields, starting with thousands of leads from homeowners, designers, homebuilders, architects, contractors, real estate agents, moms’ Yahoo groups, and a myriad others who ise home services routinely. Once the interviewing process took shape, we started slashing. Rude on the phone, out. Stand us up for an interview, way out! We asked each company for three references, and we called the references. If insurance and bonding was important, we asked them to furnish copies of their policies. Those who got an “i”, as you will see on the pages that follow. If they didn’t turn theirs in, for whatever reason, mostly innocent, we assume, you will note that, too, and draw your own conclusions.

A word about advertising. Most of those listed in the [D Magazine] Dallas Gold Pages are small companies, whose name are rarely in lights and who do not have a million-dollar advertising budgets. Having said that, when word starting getting out, many companies asked if they could get listed by buying an ad. The answer was no. Our process worked the opposite way. The editors were told to list whomever they felt deserved a listing, whether a company advertised or not. They had the right to blackball listings that did not meet their criteria.

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