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Dallas Maids’ Strategic Planning to Ensure a Vital Business

The secret to Dallas Maids’ success is really no secret at all; we simply put people first combined with smart marketing.

People First

Here are our “people priorities” in order of importance:

1) Our Employees – A good employee is worth more than any customer. Our talent is treated with respect, benefits, and great pay so they will take care of our customers.

2) Our Customers – Consistently WOW our customers with cleaning service heads and shoulders above the competition, consequently building upon a reputation irresistible to potential clientele.

3) Our Community – Few communities can match the kindness of Dallasites, who have been profoundly generous to Dallas Maids. It is a privilege to give back anyway we can.

4) Lastly, Our Shareholders – Putting staff, clients, and our community ahead of our shareholders (e.g. Greg the owner) has made Dallas Maids into one of the largest, successful, and most award-winning maid services in Dallas. Giving is more profitable than taking.

Smart Marketing

As a Baylor professor once said; a mediocre product with good marketing will always win over a good product with mediocre marketing. My aim is to have a good product and good marketing. Our basic smart marketing tenets:

1) Best marketing in life is free. Our two top lead sources are a) ranking high on Google and b) customer referrals. Being free, this frees up money better spent building up our people.

2) Compete on quality, not price. Otherwise, it’s a race to the bottom and out. That starts with having the best people. As I often say, “We are our people – THE BEST!”

3) Guard our reputation with our life! Easy to do with having a quality service and providing our clients easy ways to spread the word (and love).

In conclusion, our strategy is having good people providing a good service complimented with good marketing strategy. Simple.