Home Services Review Article

Why they chose us per Mark Pedersen, President of HSR:

Five Star Rated by Home Services Review is an independent research firm created to identify the top rated premier local home services companies through a comprehensive evaluation that homeowners can trust.

Home Services Review’s research, rating & evaluation vetting process was born out of a formula that I developed while Executive Vice President – Acquisitions & Marketing for the Home Warranty & Services division of Kansas City Power & Light (Home Service Solutions & The Andrews Company). Over several years, I was responsible for over 55 acquisitions of Plumbing, Heating & Air, Electrical, Appliance Repair, Roofing & Pest-Termite contractors and Home Inspections companies in over 15 major metropolitan markets.

In the process of looking for ‘acquisition candidates’ to purchase for home warranty work and other related services, this vetting formula was used in the initial stages to find good ‘acquisition candidates’ to consider for more potentially detailed due diligence work before potential acquisition.

Since starting Five Star Rated by Home Services Review, we have used a version of this research and evaluation process to find premier companies in 13 major metropolitan markets. You can find this initial process by going to the Company Selection Criteria tab of this website, (For Books-Page 1 through 3 of our Referral Guidebook) that details how we find and eventually score and select these Five Star Rated companies.

There is no such thing as a perfect business, since people run businesses and can have a bad day or make a mistake now and then. But, what we look for are companies that measure up to a higher standard above the rest through more consistent and stellar performance in their work and service for homeowners.

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