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We’re glad you found us! Dallas Maids of Fairview is the award-winning, 5-star home cleaning service to make home feel like home again.


One of our founding fathers once said, “In this world, nothing is certain, except death and taxes.” We think chores should be added to that list. The party ends and the kitchen and living room are a disaster zone. Work is crazy and your bedroom feels like Hurricane Harvey set up residence. Chores take up so much of our time and, so often, create low-level stress we aren’t even aware of.


We’re here to solve that problem for you. With over 20 year’s experience in the area, Dallas Maids is your partner to make home feel like home again. No more crusty dishes waiting for you in the sink after a long day at the office. No more mopping to greet you on Saturday morning after you finally sleep in. Our team is committed to giving you back time and your home, so you can enjoy life at home and in Fairview.

Setting up your first cleaning is a simple process. Here’s how it works:
  • Check out our cleaning offerings and get a free estimate on our homepage.
  • Select what type of cleaning you need. We offer everything from weekly and bi-weekly cleaning to after-party deep cleans and emergency services (like when your mother-in-law calls when she’s two hours away for a week-long visit).
  • Call our office or schedule an appointment online through our booking page.
  • Speak with our service team a few days before your first cleaning. Our office staff will call to talk you through how the process works and what to do before our team arrives. You can stay home or provide a way for us to clean while you are at work or out around town.
  • Return and rest in a pristine home, with no dishes to greet you.

How Can You Book With Dallas Maids of Fairview?

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We hope you’ll give us a chance to clean your home, so you can enjoy it and take the free time to enjoy Fairview. Maybe schedule an afternoon at Top Golf. If heights don’t scare you, finally take that hot air balloon ride. If you’re a ground-only creature, check out one of the many escape rooms in and around Fairview.

However you spend your time, we hope you’ll rest easy knowing we’ve got your home covered, so you don’t have to. You can get started today by visiting our booking page and getting a free quote.

Got questions? Give us a call at (469) 487-6669 or contact us by clicking here.