Dallas Maids of University Park


Is your home your worst enemy? Dishes, laundry, and clutter greet you every day after work or on that one special Saturday with nothing going on. And don’t even mention the bathtub. It seems like only prayer and fasting will make that space clean again.

Dallas Maids is here to help. We have been cleaning homes in the area for over twenty years. We are the premiere, award-winning, 5-star cleaning service in University Park committed to tackling the chores, even in the nooks and crannies, so you can enjoy life again. Our goal is simple: Make your home feel like home again and give you time back.

Here’s how it works:
  • Check out our website to get a free estimate for your home cleaning.
  • Tell us what type of cleaning you need. We offer a variety of services from one-time deep cleaning to bi-weekly or monthly. We even provide emergency cleaning services for those last-minute visitors that pop by from time to time.
  • Call at our office or schedule your cleaning.
  • Our staff will call you a few days before your appointment. We’ll ask about any areas of special concern and provide instructions for getting your home ready to be cleaned. You may stay at home while we clean or head out after giving us instructions on how to get in.
  • Go home and rest. No dishes. No trash to take out. No bathtub to silently mock you when go to the bathroom.


Book an appointment today!

There’s so much to do in University Park. Whether it’s shopping at a local boutique, taking a tour of a local museum, or going with friends to the Old Monk Pub, there’s lots to do. And with a pristine home ready to welcome you when you return, you’ll get to enjoy University Park without any worries.

Call us today and get back to doing what you love at home or around town. Either way, leave the chores (especially that bathtub), to us and go enjoy your time how you like.

Got questions? Give us a call at (469) 487-6669 to book a cleaning service or contact us here.