What Sets Us Apart

“What sets you apart from all those other maid services out there?”

This is a question we often receive, and understandably so. As one real estate agent recently told me (after happily discovering us 🙂 that finding a good maid service is “hit or miss”. So what makes Dallas Maids a “hit”? What sets us apart from the others? Glad you asked…

Years ago, when I organized Dallas Maids, I wanted to create a system that guaranteed creating the highest value for our customers. The first thing I did was form close relationships with other House Cleaning services. I quickly found the ones that excelled in providing the best service, incorporating the best I saw there for here at Dallas Maids. In addition, I quickly discovered what did and did not work, innovating my own systems such as Dallas Maids’ highly selective interviewing process. The key is having and keeping the BEST people.

Founder of Dallas Maids

Dallas Maids has the MOST selective interviewing process that I know of among any of the local and national chains in Dallas. This has been one of the most important factors in creating a quality business for several reasons. First, we look for integrity. We know you entrust us with your home and personal belongings. Knowing that the potential employee does not have a criminal record is NOT enough for us. If any dishonesty is detected the applicant is out. 
Did they say employment at a previous job ended in May when it really ended in April – Out. Any resume embellishments no matter how small – Out. Did they show non-verbal signs that they are being dishonest – Out. As for this last one, one of the wonderful things I have picked up is the ability to read people and understand how the mind works. 

Some books I have read (usually more than once) on the subject are “The Definitive Book of Body Language”, “Essentials of the Reid Technique: Criminal Interrogations and Confessions”, “Unlimited Power”. Did you know when telling a true story, it has a different structure than telling a false story? That if the word “honestly” precedes a statement, that statement is usually false, as in “Honestly, I never stole…” I have integrated this knowledge into the interviewing process and as a result, there has NEVER been a case of theft at Dallas Maids. Your possessions are protected. Second, in addition to a moral ethics, we look for a solid work ethic. Do they have a stable work history with superior performance? If they hop from job to job – Out. If their references state they were anything but exemplary in their work – Out. If they show up to the interview one minute late – Out. Indeed, one of the “problems” is that our ladies work too efficiently, too effective. A complaint we sometimes receive is that the ladies were not there long enough. When asked, “how was the clean?” they often reply, “it was perfect!” We prefer this complaint than hearing “the job was horrible but they were around all day”. Your home will sparkle. Finally, we have an extraordinary low turn over rate. Other services play the numbers game, hiring and firing hoping to find a star, while playing Russian roulette with a customer’s home! We pick the best from the beginning, paying a salary above the industry average (this is a hard job; tips are welcome!) and treating them with the respect they deserve. In an industry that has an average of 300% turnover rate a year, last year [2007] Dallas Maids was 0%. You have the comfort knowing that the person providing service yesterday will be the one that will be there tomorrow.