Our passion is to add to the happiness of our customers’ lives by providing them with a clean, comfortable, and organized living space that enhances their quality of life. We believe that a clean home is a happy home, and we are 100% dedicated to helping our customers achieve that. Our purpose is to make our customers’ lives easier by taking care of their cleaning needs, so they can focus on the things that matter most to them.Dallas Maids headquarters in Dallas, Texas

Our Mission Statement, Core Beliefs, and Strategic Planning help us achieve this:

  • Mission – Our mission is to be the finest house cleaning service in Dallas.
  • Core Beliefs – Our core beliefs ensure we complete our purpose.
  • Strategic Planning – Strategic planning to ensure vital business.

By living up to our beliefs and purpose, we aim to become the go-to house cleaning service for homeowners in Dallas who value happiness, cleanliness, convenience, and peace of mind

Our Mission

Dallas Maids is the finest professional maid service in Dallas, Texas.

Our primary offering is general housecleaning for residential customers throughout Greater Dallas. Secondary services include commercial cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Our top three priorities, as echoed in Dallas Maids’ strategic plan, are:

  • Our intense commitment to our employees, which is tied directly to Our steadfast dedication to the satisfaction of our clients. Our commitment to building up our community through philanthropy.

We know that smart, hardworking, loyal, and valued employees naturally deliver superior service.

The cleaning business requires careful coordination of human, mechanical, and information systems. Our success depends on:

  • Corporate and individual integrity. Advanced communication and organization. Clear and thorough policies and procedures. First-class office space. Rigorous quality control. Constant innovation. Regular system maintenance and improvement. Relentless attention to detail.

Moreover, we function according to three crucial paradoxes:

  • Specialized yet diversified staff: We first develop house cleaning experts, and then we provide appropriate cross-training. Consistent yet personalized customer service: We do what it takes to uphold our satisfaction guarantee. Tightly controlled yet flexible operations: We change our policies immediately if we can improve them.

Core Beliefs

Our purpose is to add happiness to our customers’ lives by removing the chore of cleaning.

A  New York Times article entitled “Want to Be Happy? Buy More Takeout and Hire a Maid, Study Suggests” refers to a Harvard study indicating removing menial chores such as house cleaning has a measurable effect on a person’s happiness. That is our business, our mission: Making people happy.

Our core beliefs to ensure we achieve our mission:

Assign the Same Team to Each Job

Ensuring our customer receives the same team each and every visit is vital for quality service because

  • The team overcomes each home’s cleaning learning curve. They know HOW to clean the house and WHAT our customer wants. Not only is quality and consistency maintained, there is substantially less chance of breakage and accident.
  • It allows friendly relationship to form between the professional home cleaner and client. Customers prefer to know who are cleaning their home. Our cleaners often become part of the family.
  • The team develops a sense of ownership. That’s their house and know how to take care of it.
  • Sending the same team establishes expectations. Expectations are essential to good customer service. Sending different teams resulting in different cleanings destroys what customers have come to expect. Consistency is key.

None of this can be done if teams are constantly switched. Same team to each customer. Other services switch teams because it’s hard to deal with the logistics. This is a huge mistake! The benefits of having the same teams at our customers home greatly outweigh logistic pains.

Customer’s Welfare Comes Before Dallas Maids’

Our purpose is to do what is best for the customer, even if it means losing them.

For example, if a customer demands a certain day but we are unable to keep the same team with them, then ask if we can do it on another day, explaining why it is important to have the same team with each visit. If the customer still insists upon a certain day, then call Emily’s Maids and ask if they can take the customer. If keeping a customer means we can’t do our best for them, then we will have to let them go.

Also decline business if it is not in the customer’s interest to hire us. For example, providing carpet cleaning for apartment move outs. Often apartments will not deduct from deposits for dirty carpets. Therefore, request the customer to inquire with the apartment complex first. No need to hire us if we can’t provide benefit for them.

Finally, do not cancel on a customer. Period. If a team car breaks down, pick them up and take them to the customer. If there is absolutely no way to make it, then hire Emily’s Maids. Taking care of the customer comes before making a profit off of them!

A Good Employee is Worth More Than Any Customer

Take care of our best people because they take care of our customers. That means they come first.

  • Ensure they have the most and best jobs.
  • Their safety is priority #1 – If they do not feel comfortable at the customer’s home, get them out. Past examples include the customer treating them like a slave or using inappropriate/threatening language.

Conversely, a bad employee must be given an opportunity to prove they can do quality work. Before reprimanding an employee, ask yourself “What can I do to ensure our cleaner has everything they need to complete quality work”. After providing assistance, if the bad employee continues underperforming, perform disciplinary actions, letting them go if necessary.

People of Dallas Maids

Customers Buy the Entire Business

Customers buy the entire business, not just the house cleaning. This means the entire Dallas Maids experience; from the initial call and quote, the house cleaning, our established branding, exceptional reputation, the follow-up calls… and it is all based upon friendly communication.

These are philosophies that have made Dallas Maids one of the best cleaning providers in Dallas. Take them to heart because being a business of integrity supersedes all else. Simply, it is good business.

Strategic Planning

The secret to Dallas Maids’ success is really no secret at all; we simply put people first combined with smart marketing.

People First

Our “people priorities” in order of importance:

  1. Our Employees – A good employee is worth more than any customer. Our talent is treated with respect, benefits, and great pay so they will take care of our customers.
  2. Our Customers – Consistently WOW our customers with cleaning service heads and shoulders above the competition, consequently building upon a reputation irresistible to potential clientele
  3. Our Community – Few communities can match the kindness of Dallasites, who have been exceptionally generous to Dallas Maids. Our hearts were profoundly touched when the community help us survive the pandemic of 2020! So, it is an absolute privilege to give back in any way we can.

Smart Marketing

As a Baylor professor once said; a mediocre product with good marketing will always win over a good product with mediocre marketing. My aim is to have a good product and good marketing. Our basic smart marketing tenets:

  1. The best marketing in life is free – Our two top lead sources are a) customer referrals and b) ranking on the search engines. This allows us to free up money better spent on building our people up.
  2. Compete on quality; not price – This starts with finding and keeping the right people and the best people. We are our people- The Best! Otherwise, it’s a race to the bottom and out.
  3. Guard our reputation with our life – Focusing on customer service and quality house cleaning while providing our clients a means to spread the word ensures a glowing reputation.

In summary, our strategy is having good people providing a good service complimented with a good marketing strategy.