5 Reasons To Fire Your Maid

Dallas Maids - 5 Reasons To Fire Your Maid

Bad services abound, pick a winner! Here are 5 deal-breakers, 5 good reasons to replace or fire your maid service.

With over a decade in the Dallas maid service scene, we have seen competitors come and go, heard horror stories about unscrupulous maid services and read online tirade’s from other people’s clients fed up with lousy customer service.

What always surprises us is how much people are willing to put up with from a housekeeping service before they will walk (hopefully to us!).

Don’t settle for sub-par service; we give you here 5 deal breakers. Five good reasons to fire your maid service and call us today:

1) They play “musical maids”. 

Does it seem like you are getting a different housekeeper every time your book a house cleaning service? Do you get tired of explaining the way you want your bathroom cleaned every week to a new maid? Look out! A reputable service will do everything in their power to assign you a housekeeper or team and not switch you over.

Why? Because this instills a sense of ownership in a housekeeper. You are “her” client, she knows your home well, knows how to clean it efficiently, knows where everything goes and she has a history with you. That’s good business sense, so if your service is dropping a new maid in your lap every time the system is broken and you should bail.

2) They are flaky. 

While flaky is a good quality for a hot biscuit it’s hugely inconvenient in a housekeeper. Are they late? Does your appointment get switched days or time slots constantly? Have they ever just not showed up?

If they aren’t concerned about wasting your valuable time they might be sloppy with Grandma’s china or your hardwood floors. Channel Donald Trump and fire that maid!

3) They are impossible to contact. 

Nobody answers the phone. Nobody calls you back. Your emails go unread. Short of sending smoke signals with the steam coming out of your ears at this point it’s a lost cause.

It’s perfectly acceptable to break up with your maid by fax or text by the way, hint hint.

4) They won’t let you “have it your way”. 

As a paying customer you have every right to a reasonable amount of customization to your cleaning service. If your special requests and instructions fall on deaf ears then it may be time to pick up the phone and “call someone who cares”.

5) They won’t “make it right”. 

Everybody makes mistakes, we don’t expect perfection from anyone (though we strive for it!). But what your service does after you have been inconvenienced says a lot about how much they value you as a customer.

There should be follow up, there should be an apology and there should be reasonable compensation appropriate to the circumstance.

There’s No Reason to Fire Your Maid at Dallas Maids

Bad services abound, pick a winner. Dallas Maids Cleaning Service has been making (and keeping) happy customers all over Dallas for over 10 years.

Stop settling and get the excellent level of service that you deserve!