A Guy’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Cleaning

Dallas Maids - A Guy’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Cleaning

Forget the hype, forget the stereotype, not all guys have an issue with cleanliness. As well-meaning as we try to sound, it is no joke that a significant amount of ladies are cleaner than guys. But hold up, this isn’t about the ladies, this is about the men. So, you’ve invited that special someone over for Valentine’s Day, and it is on you to make your space neat and fresh. If you don’t want your house looking like it’s rented to some cult, use our tips to clean your mess and impress your girl.

Do something about the odor

We don’t necessarily mean your house smells; however, one of the few things a visitor notices when they walk through your door is the odor. If you don’t want a strong gym bag-like odor to hit her face and send her running, you need to do something about the odor. The smell could be a result of your floors, pets, sheets, laundry. Hence, the first step is to identify the source of the odor and take care of it. Wash the sheets if you need to, dust the room, bathe your pets, open the windows, and clean the upholstery if any is responsible for the smell. After this, turn on the humidifier or spray a nice scent to give your house a pleasant smell. You can also use white vinegar, baking soda, and essential oil to remedy the smell. Be careful, though, and not use it in excess to avoid an allergic reaction or irritation.

Remove beer stains and other carpet stains

It’s just valentine’s day; hence, there is a higher chance she will only stay in your living room. While you’re putting the finishing touches to the meal plan, remove carpet stains and other visible stains. For example, if there is a beer stain on your rug, mix household ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain. If you have enough time on your hands, clean other parts of your home like the kitchen. Who knows, Valentine could start in the living room and end in another room. Who knows?

Washing hands in kitchen faucet

Keep your beard hair to yourself

You can use your bathroom however you want. However, with your friend coming over, it is best to avoid a hairy situation and clean your bathroom. Instead of shaving and washing all the hair down the drain, use a cleaning solution and a damp rag. The reason is that washing it down the drain could clog the sink and prevent water from going through. However, you can use vinegar, water, olive oil, and other cleaning solutions to pick the hair out of the sink and keep the sink clean at the same time.

Clean yourself up

Don’t know if we should mention this. but hey; wouldn’t hurt. Get a cut, clean yourself, put on some nice clothes, and smell nice. Don’t just clean your house, clean yourself up, and make valentine’s day special for both of you.


Like I said, not all guys have a problem with cleanliness. However, you guys often need all the help you can get, especially with Valentine and your lady coming over. And don’t forget that special gift for her. Skip the chocolates and roses and get her a vacation away from cleaning this Valentines. You can thank me later.

Happy Valentine’s Day!