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Dallas Maids, LLC Joins Over One Thousand Leaders Across the United States Affirming Commitment to Global Climate Action on the Fifth Anniversary of the Paris Agreement

Washington D.C. – December 12th marks the five-year anniversary of the world signing on to the Paris Agreement. Dallas Maids is marking the moment by committing to a national mobilization. The goal is a clean energy economy and centering their own operations in pursuit of climate action.

In doing so, Dallas Maids joined over a thousand leaders from local governments, businesses, universities, and other institutions across the country as part of the “America Is All In” multi-sector statement. 

The incoming Biden-Harris administration will receive this multi-sector statement, as well as to United Nations officials and global heads of state at the Climate Ambition Summit hosted by the United Kingdom, also on December 12th.  

“2020 will go down as a crucible. A time when our nation and ourselves were tested. Layered atop of pandemic was heart-wrenching social and racial unrest. There was also growing mental health crises, financial upheaval, and a toxic presidential election. And we will pull through. We will survive. However, there is a more menacing monster looming upon the horizon. A threat to destroy the only home we have; Earth. We must keep it clean because there is no other.” said Greg Shepard.

“This is a moment to foster innovation, increase national security, and protect the health and well-being of present and future generations. In our commitment to addressing the climate crisis, we at Dallas Maids are all in and welcome the opportunity to do our part to achieve these goals and push for bold climate action across the United States and the world. ” 

The “America Is All In” Declaration

We Are Still In is the organizer for the “America Is All In” declaration. It’s a coalition in support for climate action. It is also a pledge to uphold the United States commitments to reduce emissions under the Paris Agreement.

There are over 3,900 organizations and institutions across all sectors of the United States. This means these leaders represent over half of the national population, nearly two-thirds of the economy, and more than half of the country’s emissions.

The United States officially exited the Paris Agreement on November 4th. However, the incoming Biden-Harris administration has committed to reentering the unprecedented global agreement.  

“December 12th is more than an anniversary of an agreement. It represents a critical turning point for the future of U.S. and global climate action”. This is according to Elan Strait, Director of US Climate Campaigns at World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The Current Situation In Our Country

“Nationally, we have stumbled in our leadership on climate action. But We Are Still In shows that there was a commitment to change in the United States that never faltered. Today’s statement from Dallas Maids and hundreds like them across the country sends a clear message: moving forward, we need a unified national response to the climate crisis.”  

To date, so many cities across the United States signed the agreement. This includes St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Washington, DC, Fortune 100 businesses including Intel, HP Inc., and McDonalds, and Commonwealth of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.  

“There’s never been a more important time for us to come together and accelerate the progress we’ve made to address the climate crisis than now,” said Katie Fallon, Chief Global Impact Officer at McDonald’s.

“At McDonald’s, we believe we have a special obligation to help the nearly 40,000 communities we serve build a more resilient and equitable future. This global pandemic is a needed wake-up call that there is still much work to be done. We can only succeed if we innovate and collaborate together – that is why we are still in.”

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