The Best Natural Cleaners for Wood Floors

Dallas Maids - The Best Natural Cleaners for Wood Floors

Hello! We’re so happy to share our collaboration with Wood Flooring Ireland in “The Best Natural Cleaners for Wood Floors”.

We are always happy to collaborate with other industries in the house cleaning, business cleaning, or business management fields. This time, we heard Wood Flooring Ireland was inviting other experts to pitch in with tips for cleaning wood floors with natural cleaning agents.

As you know wood floors are sensitive and if you live in Dallas, you’ve seen by now they look dry and dull sometimes, so they need some care regularly.

Here’s our piece of advice below:

“A gallon of water and two cups of vinegar solution is the all-purpose solution for most types of floors, especially ceramic tile and vinyl floors. Vinegar is pretty much safe and harmless for many different floors, and it’s nice for cleaning and removing dirt from surfaces.
For hardwood floors, I would recommend using the same solution, but this time using 10 – 15 drops of lemon and/or tea tree essential oil (combined would be ideal), and one tablespoon of coconut oil. These ingredients have disinfecting and moisturizing properties, which are key for wooden floors.”

Please check Wood Flooring Ireland’s entire article to hear from other cleaning experts if you want more tips! We’re all for natural cleaners and wood floors are not the exception.

Thank you so much to Wood Flooring Ireland for inviting us and we cannot wait to collaborate with them again in the future. If you’re a fellow cleaning company or blog from the cleaning industry, you can always contact us! We believe in helping each other, and our visitors, with cleaning tips and tricks.

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