Clean Freaks’ Video Editor Found!

Dallas Maids - Clean Freaks' Video Editor Found!

Hello and welcome back to Dallas Maids! Our search for the perfect video editor for Clean Freaks came down to three contestants who each submitted their video. Jeff, the winner, did an outstanding job.

We tested three different editors first. We all know each editor has different styles and artistic directions, and we wanted to find someone compatible. Besides, we wanted to find out more about their work ethics, talent, speed and efficiency.

The requirements for this position were quite simple. We needed someone that was able to create smooth transitions between each step of the cleaning process. We also needed the videos to show text with clear, simple steps that catch our viewer’s eyes.

Jeff has amazed us with his hard word ethic, professionalism, and tremendous editing talent. He has found his calling and it shows! On top of all that, he’s just an all around good guy, a joy to work with. From transitions to special effects, he was miles ahead of the competition.

If you are looking for a top notch video editor, Jeff is your man. Contact Dallas Maids and we’ll be happy to get his contact information for you.

We are so excited we found a good match for our team and we hope Jeff stays with us for a long time. We can’t wait to produce many Dallas Maids’ Clean Freaks videos with house cleaning tips!

You can see Jeff’s draft here:

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Stay tuned for some fantastic new videos coming your way soon!

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