Common Cleaning Mistakes

Dallas Maids - Common Cleaning Mistakes

More often than not, we make a lot of cleaning mistakes. After a series of trial and error, we all come up with a personalized cleaning routine that is supposed to make our life easier and more practical. However, it is fair to say we can always perfect this time-consuming process.

Find out what are the most common cleaning mistakes we make without even realizing it and how to correct them.

Using the broom when you can use the vacuum

When it comes to accessible areas, always use the vacuum if possible. What all brooms do is just move all the dust around making it to sit in different areas but not getting rid of it completely. It is so much better since it catches most of the particles.

Using the same products and tools for everything

We recommend not using the same rag for all the areas in the house. Cleaning products are made of different components, make sure you are using the right product on the right surface.

There is no magical product that you can use with absolutely everything.

Not disinfect your tools after being used in specific areas such as the toilet.

Make sure you disinfect rags, brushes, re-usable gloves, and everything that was used to clean this kind of area.

Letting everything air dry instead of drying it ourselves.

This practice will cause water to leave stains behind, it is always better to make sure everything is dry right after we clean it. Use a microfiber cloth for any surface and a dry mop for floors.

Forget to clean all switches and outlets.

Most of us think they don’t need cleaning and are usually scared of doing it. We are constantly touching them and it is one of the places where a lot of bacteria is produced. A very easy way to disinfect them is using rubbing alcohol, it dries super-fast and gets the job done.

Clean glass windows or glass doors when sunlight is hitting directly.

When cleaning your windows, water will definitely leave a stain before even drying it. Try to do it at sunset hours, still have enough light to see where to clean.

We have to keep in mind all areas and unreachable corners get dirty all the time. It is just a matter of being organized as well with our cleaning. That will make the chores not only look but be easier.