Dallas Cleaning Tips – Household Inventory

Dallas residents can relate to all other people living an urban lifestyle. Given city living, time is always at a premium. City life does have its luxuries and advantages, but a high-stress, high-speed lifestyle defines it.

Dallas Maids - Dallas Cleaning Tips – Household Inventory

We’ve all been there; you come home after a productive yet tiresome day at work, only to be greeted by a mess that needs cleaning. Dallas is one of the cheapest among iconic US cities, so people, in general, can afford to buy larger homes. 

Of course, the bigger the house, the bigger the mess. The only option is to sacrifice our weekends and leisure time to catch up on housework and try to keep up with your household inventory. Still, nobody wants to do that.

This article aims to provide you with some valuable tips that will help you to cut back on cleaning time.

1.   Inventory Your Items to Keep Track of Your Household Inventory

You will accumulate many items and appliances over the years. Also, human psychology tends towards the sunk cost fallacy.

This fallacy makes us very reluctant to change or discard things or items due to the invested effort. You don’t have to be a hoarder to realize that you do not need some of your stuff. We often keep large, voluminous appliances that we use once every few years. But we paid for it, so we’re not going to throw it away, and it’s too old to give away as a gift.

As mentioned, Dallas is a relatively cheap city to live in, so you can afford more items.  

The more items you have, the more you will have to clean. So what’s the solution? Should you throw away furniture and appliances that are redundant or rarely used? The answer is obviously: no.

The first step consists of an honest inventory. Set aside an afternoon and just look around. Think about what is actually helpful. Don’t think about what “would be cool to use,” like your walnut-shaped cookie maker.

We both know that you’re never going to make those cookies enough to justify keeping the appliance. The same goes for your clothes. The modern person has way too many sets of clothes while complaining that “there’s nothing to wear.”

This will help you especially when you’re creating a checklist for cleaning and organizing.

2.   Make or Rent Storage Space.

You don’t have to throw out anything. Investing in storage space allows you to free up your home while still getting to keep everything. Dallas has locations that will enable customers to rent space for affordable rates.

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Or, you can try to construct more storage space inside your home. Either way will cost you, and it depends on how many items you need to store.

For example, there are small shelves that you can attach magnetically to your fridge. This is especially useful for those who do not have a pantry or their kitchen is very small. You will gain a few feet of extra space just with those. It is also possible to invest in hideaway pantry cabinets.

Most cabinets are taller than they need to be. You can take advantage of that heigh by stacking plates or condiments. However, it looks crowded and messy. It is also a hassle to take something from the bottom of the stack.

Consider buying extra shelves for these cabinets, along with beautiful hanging baskets that can hold fruit or condiments. The baskets can double as decorations.

While there isn’t a need for an extensive collection of seasonal items such as winter clothes in Dallas, you can share rented storage space with your neighbors. Storing seasonal items and sporting equipment is a good idea.

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Why clean more than you have to? By getting rid of clutter and rarely used items, you can better use the space you have. Cleaning sessions will be quicker, and your home will look organized and uncluttered.   

And remember, you can always get extra help by hiring a professional cleaning service.