Donating to the Russ Martin Listeners Foundation

Dallas Maids - Donating to the Russ Martin Listeners Foundation

We recently had a promotion donating a portion of our proceeds to Russ Martin’s Listeners Foundation. It was valid for any Move In/Out or Detail cleaning ordered through the promo. We didn’t raise as many donations as we had hoped. But, I hope we have raised awareness for the immensely valuable work the Russ Martin Listeners Foundation and the lives it helps!

Greg pretending to be a cool DJ
Pretending to be a cool DJ
Dallas Maids - Giving a Check to Jerry Caldwell

The Foundation distributes funds to the families of Dallas-Fort Worth area police officers and firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty. They use the funds to disperse them in the immediate aftermath of a line-of-duty death of a DFW area police officer or firefighter.

This makes a real difference in the lives of Dallas area families who’s loved one lost their life protecting ours.

A BIG THANK YOU to the Russ Martin Listeners Foundation. They have made positive changes in the lives that are going through unimaginable pain. So before we continue, be awesome and take a moment to donate to the Russ Martin Listeners Foundation now!

Another Thank You to Jerry Caldwell, who graciously gave me a tour of the station; where I was introduced to Dan, Alfie, and a few other DJs. All a cool group of guys. Hey! Jerry even let me pretend to be one of the cool DJs myself.

Thanks again to everyone at the show for the amazing work you do through the Foundation. You guys rock!

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