Growing Pains. Growing Together.

Dallas Maids - Growing Pains. Growing Together_. Growing Together_

To our valued customers,

I hope this letter finds you doing well and enjoying Spring 2021. Although it’s not normal, it’s certainly better than the lockdowns topsy turvy existence we were embarking upon in Spring 2020.

You may have noticed that since the snow storm earlier this year, our team has been a little harder to schedule. Specifically, we have been very challenged since early March with extraordinary high demand for our cleaning services.

First and foremost, as the owner of Dallas Maids, I want to acknowledge our temporary limited availability to clean each of your homes as regularly as you may be accustomed. I also want to acknowledge that in the midst of a surge in business (a great problem!) we have likely missed a thing or two along the way (a bad problem). With so many customers we are serving, I’m not sure entirely what that may have looked like for you. Possibly a late arrival to clean your home, or maybe missing an appointment. Maybe we couldn’t clean your home as soon as you would have liked. Maybe our availability didn’t match your schedule.

Whatever the source of less-than-ideal service, I want to let you know we are working feverishly hard to serve you still. As we have built a relationship with each of you, we have come to think of you as family. When we clean your home, we treat it like we are cleaning our own. So any disruption to your service, no matter how minor, we own and feel badly about.

As some of you may have noticed, we have been a little harder to schedule. Nearly halfway into Spring and with COVID-19 vaccines more widely available (thankfully), people are eager to spruce up their homes. Not only our regular customers, but an unprecedent surge of new clients as well. We are excited about this! But, as with any business, a sudden influx in demand high as this can expose areas for growth. In our case, the growth was easy to identify – we need more excellent talent!

Since March we have been looking to hire a few more top tier staff members. Our approach to serving our customers and building our team is simple: build the best team to deliver the best service. That philosophy drives our hiring process. It is why we pay our staff more than the market average for their work and treat them with benefits few others do. We want to attract, develop, employ, and retain the best in the business.

This high standard is lofty and as a result, time consuming. We have received over 200 applications since March. Of those 200 applications, we hired 1 new team member. If you like math, you’ll know that means 0.5% of all applicants are offered a position at Dallas Maids. (If you don’t believe me, feel free to use your calculator – I had to so no shame here ????).

I always tell my management team it is better to turn away business because lack of home cleaners than to hire mediocre talent, pressured by demand. Our commitment to hiring and building the best team has, however principled, resulted in some minor lapses in our service to you.

I wanted to just take a brief moment to explain the situation more fully to each of you. As our business grows, so must our team. We are grateful for the exponential growth and doing our best to staff our team to meet each customer’s specific cleaning needs.

We look forward to continuing to serve each of you in the coming months. In the interim, in the event our team is unable to meet a specific need despite our best efforts, please email me directly at

Happy Spring and warmest regards,

Greg Shepard

P.S. Get a $400 cleaning credit for helping us find help!