Happy Thanksgiving!

A letter from the Dallas Maids family

Dallas Maids - Happy Thanksgiving From All of Us at Dallas Maids

Thank you for giving us a chance to be a part of your story. Happy thanksgiving!


We’ve finally reached that time of year that many of us find the most enjoyable. Not only is the food good and time with family and friends joyous, but most weeks involve some kind of shortened day at work, party, or type of unexpected laughter.

As you celebrate today, we want you to know we are honored that you have let us become a part of your story. As I shared earlier this year, the older I get the more I realize how short and brief life is. I’ve contemplated that in my own life and in how I run Dallas Maids, and I’ve gained anew appreciation of how interconnected our stories are.

We are grateful to you

There are so many reasons for us to be grateful. We get to be an indirect part of that family dinner you’ll never forget where Dad finally shared that crazy story from high school. We get to quietly be a part of a peaceful night at home, reading a good book or watching a favorite sitcom. Because of your trust, we find ourselves welcomed, however minimally, into the fullness of your life. By inviting us into your home to clean, we get to be there quietly when you have that extra five minutes to enjoy that cup of coffee or talk with that old friend for just a little longer.

And as many of you know, you are a huge part of our story. Beyond your business, many of you were there when we desperately needed help at the onset of the pandemic. Your generosity and selflessness kept us going. Our story continued because of you. Now, several years later, we get to be there as your story unfolds. Dishes and clutter squared away, you have time to just be present with yourself and those you hold dear. We love being able to play that small part in your life and in your story.

Whether you’re going out, staying in, or doing something totally out-of-the-box today, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. As the holiday season officially kicks off, we are grateful to be welcomed into your homes and more importantly, your stories.


~ Dallas Maids family

P.S. Want to know a little bit more about our team and their stories? Check out some of these fun facts about our team below!


Dallas Maids - Edith Profile Picture

Edith likes an atmosphere of harmony and positive energy, tackling the plethora of daily challenges using balanced judgement with an optimistic disposition. She is a lady that brings good vibrations to the Dallas Maids’ office while delivering amazing customer service for our absolutely amazing customers.

Turkey or Tofurky?:

Tofurky all the way!

Favorite Cleaning Hack:

I wouldn’t consider it a hack but a mantra, “do not put it aside, put it away”. It helps me keep things organized and less cluttered during the holidays.

Dream Superpower for Cleaning:

~I would love to have a superpower like Dr. Seuss’ Cat In The Hat, and turn a whole house upside down and back to being perfect in 5 seconds.

Cleaning Pet Peeve:

I find the kitchen sink hard to ignore. Cooking a feast for my family can get hard if I do not clean pots and pans in between.

Thanksgiving Wishes for our Customers:

As Thanksgiving approaches, we would like to express our gratitude for your continued trust and support. This year has been challenging for all of us, but your loyalty has been a constant source of motivation for our team.

We are deeply thankful for your business and the opportunity to serve you. We hope that this holiday season is filled with warmth, happiness, and cherished moments with your loved ones.

On behalf of our entire team, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season. Thank you for choosing us as your cleaning service provider.


Dallas Maids - Mary Profile Picture

Mary is instrumental in ensuring we maintain award-winning customer service by monitoring staff/customer interactions so nothing falls through the cracks. Ever had a maid service miss a to-do item or even an entire cleaning appointment? Yeah. That doesn’t happen here.

Most Rewarding Part of the Job:

The most rewarding part of our job with Dallas Maids is making our customers happy by delivering the most amazing customer service experience and seeing happy faces (through their feedback) after a good look at their clean home.

Dream Superpower for Cleaning:

I want a super speedy cleaning powers! Cleaning the whole house in 5 mins would be crazy but wonderful!

Hobbies Outside of Dallas Maids:

My favorite thing to do when I’m not working or cleaning my home is to spend lots and lots of time with my family and that includes watching child-friendly movies with my toddler.

Favorite Fall Activity:

Me and my family usually wear Christmas shirts from the 1st of December up to the 25th (Christmas day!). It’s a little tradition we’ve made since giving birth to my son.

Thanksgiving Wishes for our Customers:

Wish them all a wonderful holidays! Well wishes for good health and more blessings to come! 


Dallas Maids - Monse Picture

Monse is optimistic with a positive sense of humor. Her natural tendency to befriend customers is a coveted personality trait here because it aligns with our view customers are more than just a number; they are our friends, the reason why we are here.

Most Rewarding Part of the Job:

Seeing the customers love our girls just as much as we do. When they value and appreciate their hard work… just makes me heart melt.

Favorite Thanksgiving Dish:


Creative Leftovers Recipe:

Turkey Fluatas, which is shredded turkey rolled into atortilla deep fried.. Chef kiss

Hobbies Outside of Dallas Maids:

I love to crochet, watch football and basketball.

Thanksgiving Wishes for our Customers:

May you make amazing memories with the people and fur people they love! 


Dallas Maids - Nelly Profile Picture

Nelly radiates welcoming energy while wearing a warm smile. Her dedication to detail and perfection has propelled her to a supervisory position where she helps our housekeepers excel in-field.

Turkey or Tofurky?:

Turkey all the way! ????

Most Rewarding Part of the Job:

Super happy and blessed to work with amazing people!

Favorite Thanksgiving Dish:

Roasted Ham made by my god mother. Always juicy and delicious.

Oddest Thing Found While Cleaning:

Cool Item in boys room that I found was a pencil coat hanger! Loved!

Hobbies Outside of Dallas Maids:

I love spending time with my 3 boys!!!

Thanksgiving Wishes for our Customers:

Wishing all our customers happy holidays!!


Dallas Maids - Norma Profile Picture

Norma was originally hired as a customer service rep, however her role has since grown. She does it all: Customer service, manages talent, payroll, etc. She works virtually from Mexico, allowing her to provide customer services by working during U.S. holidays while other companies are closed.

Oddest Thing Found While Cleaning:

I remember when I started working for Dallas Maids, they showed me a pic of a 20+ year old block of cheese in a freezer.

Favorite Dallas Maids Memory:

My first reunion with all the ladies

Secret talent:

Painting and graphic design

Favorite fall activity:

Lay in and watch 90s movies or movies I’ve watched more than 5 times

Thanksgiving Wishes for our Customers:

More than wishing a ton of reasons to be thankful for, I wish our customers having even a bigger number of loved ones to share those reasons with.