How We Avoid Cancelling On You

Dallas Maids - How We Avoid Cancelling On You

Hello and welcome back to Dallas Maids! As a cleaning service, we wanted to share how we avoid cancelling on you!

One of the most common complaints we hear about other maid services is are cancellations. Customers expect their home cleaners to arrive on the day scheduled, especially before special gatherings with family or friends visiting.

Dallas Maids is better able to avoid annoying cancellations by:

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Leaving slack in the schedule. We aim to have our cleaning teams off by 3 or 4 pm. Having an extra hour or two among all our teams allow us to ensure all our customers are taken care of even if we have a few ladies out due to illness or other personal reasons. And if we have a customer needing same day emergency cleaning, we can be there for them, too.

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Teaming up with Emily’s Maids. Sometimes, extraordinary circumstances may cause us not having the personnel to service your home. But we still make sure your home is cleaned even if it’s not us. Working together with Emily’s Maids, we are able to take care of each other’s customers during rare times adequate personnel s not available.

Perfect storms happen. We cannot avoid 100% of cancellations, but at least, we can avoid cancelling on you as much as possible. To keep it short: it’s extremely unlikely that you have to cancel if you have plenty of cleaners available.

Make sure you can reach enough cleaners during the weekdays, both in your team and with other cleaning companies.

We are proud that the cancellation rate at Dallas Maids is exceptionally lower than other maid services. We are 100% committed to customer service and making sure you do not have to worry about us not showing up.

We’ll be back soon with more cleaning tips!