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Are you looking for a house cleaning service in Celina, TX?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Cleaning and taking care of your home is not an easy task. We know this is much more than just grabbing a few cleaning supplies and start scrubbing.

You have to go and buy your cleaning products, plan out a time for cleaning your home, create a schedule, divide tasks by family members…we know it’s a lot.

If you have a big social life, cleaning is even more important. It makes it even more challenging because you want to have fun and spend quality time with friends and family, and the last thing you should be doing is mopping your floors or doing the dishes.

Finding house cleaning services in Celina is quite easy, but of course, not all of them offer outstanding service with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Dallas Maids of Celina is a cleaning service currently serving Celina, TX. We love making people’s lives happier with our professional cleaning service.

Dallas Maids - House cleaning and maid service in Celina, TX

Why You Should Hire a Cleaning Service in Celina

There are many reasons why you should hire a cleaning service!

First, leaving your home in the hands of professionals will reduce your stress levels. You won’t have to worry anymore about restocking cleaning products, taking time off your busy schedule and find 3 or 4 hours to clean your home.

You will also protect your physical health. Not only you’re exposed to many accidents when you are cleaning (products spilling, slipping, falling off a stepladder) but you also preserve your body in the long time.

Last but not least, you will have so much more free time during the week. Celina is a beautiful city with many fun activities at the palm of your hand.

If you enjoy wine tasting, you cannot miss going to the Eden Hill winery & vineyard. You can also visit the Old Celina Park if you want to get in touch with nature.

Whatever it is, you can enjoy your free time while we clean and tidy your home.

Here’s how you can find a good cleaning service:

Make sure it fits your needs

In order to find a good cleaning service, make sure it fits your needs. Different households require different cleaning plans.

Perhaps you contacted a cleaning service that offers a budget based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but you prefer to be charged by square footage. Or, perhaps they only work on a monthly bases and you need them twice a month.

Make sure you check your cleaning service’s FAQ and Help pages, and contact them to ask all the details beforehand.

Dallas Maids - House Cleaner Making Bed

Look for ratings and reviews

Next, you need a cleaning service that you can trust. Every business is going to tell you they’re to be trusted so, how can you confirm this?

This is where the research part starts! First of all, look for ratings. Specifically, negative ratings.

Not all negative ratings are to be blamed on poor service. Is there an explanation for them? Did customer service responded and offered a solution or alternative? A good company is always attentive and goes the extra mile to make their customers happy.

Next, check their reviews. What do people have to say about this cleaning service? In a cleaning service, the actual cleaning is just a part of the entire experience. A good review will let you know if the service was stellar from start to finish.

Why You Should Hire Dallas Maids of Celina

Dallas Maids of Celina offers a variety of maid services that are tailored for your needs. For example, if you’re moving out soon, you should check our Move In & Move Out cleaning service. Or, if you just need a standard cleaning service to keep up with your home, you can also count on us!

Besides, you will be able to customize our service thanks to all our extras and instructions you can add during our booking process.

We are proud of our team of cleaners and customer service. Some of our team members have been with us for over a decade!

Our team is trained to carefully treat all your surfaces and areas, from hardwood floors to carpets, tiles, granite countertops, and beyond.

Besides, they’re super friendly and we always try our hardest to assign you the same cleaners. Some of our customers have had the same cleaners for years!

We have been in the cleaning industry for almost 20 years. Almost two decades later, we have learned throughout thousands of customers and we know what works and what doesn’t.

Our goal is to make your life easier and happier from the moment you pick up your phone or schedule an online appointment, the cleaning day and the feedback afterward.

In our contact page you can find out if we are currently serving your area. Besides Celina, we also serve Dallas and Frisco as well.

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What to Do Before a Cleaning Service

Before you book our cleaning service, you just need to complete a few steps. Don’t worry! They’re quite easy as we want to take care of the heavy-duty work. That’s why we’re here!

We just need you to prepare a few things:

What to Do During the Booking Process

Our booking process is super quick and straightforward! You just need to select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the type of cleaning service & extras, and add as many specific cleaning instructions as you want.

After adding your address and contact information, you just need to let us know how and when to come to your home and start cleaning!

As we were mentioning earlier, this is the point where you can include your preferred cleaning frequency (once a week, twice a month…) and cleaning extras such as cleaning inside cabinets, doing a load of laundry or wash dishes by hand.

What to Do During Cleaning Day (If You’re Not at Home)

During cleaning day, is quite common for our customers to leave their homes and spend some quality time outdoors. In this case, we just n

During the booking process, we will ask you where to park and find the outdoor trash can, so there’s no need to bother you while our cleaners are working their magic.

You will need to leave a spare key hidden in the premises, or a security code (in case you have a keypad lock) to enter your home. They will close and lock your front door before leaving.

Before leaving, make sure to remove any large items that may interfere with our cleaners’ work (such as large objects on the floors or countertops). We might have to charge extra if they have to physically remove obstacles before they start cleaning.

Dallas Maids - Cleaning and Organizing Your Pantry Before Christmas

What to Do During Cleaning Day (If You’re at Home)

If you prefer to stay at home during cleaning day, that’s perfectly fine too! We understand many people work from home or wish to work on their indoor hobbies in the meantime.

In that case, we just ask you two things:

First, please do not helicopter our cleaners. After they’ve finished their cleaning, you can assess their work and ask them to fix any mistakes (which can happen once in a while, we’re human after all!).

Next, we will ask you to leave the room they’re currently working, so that they can reach every surface and piece of furniture in that area.

That’s it!

One more thing, if you have pets that are anxious or dangerous around strangers, please take them out for a walk or keep them in a safe place until our cleaners are gone.

Where can I contact Dallas Maids of Celina?

We’re always happy to hear from current and soon-to-be customers. If you have any questions or comments, you can check Dallas Maids of Celina’s contact page.

You can call, text or WhatsApp us at (469) 487-6669!

We hope to hear from you soon!