Pre-Spring Cleaning: How to Prepare for The Texas Spring

Dallas Maids - Pre-Spring Cleaning: How to Prepare for The Texas Spring

Welcome back to Dallas Maids! We’re near spring. It’s time to remove dust and dirt from your home, especially if you live in Texas! Check our pre-spring cleaning tips!

Spring is one of the few seasons in the year that everyone loves. Not only does the sky get brighter, but the sun is stronger, and the days are longer. However, before spring, you need to deal with months of being cooped up in the dark and the possibility of staying without light for some days.

Like what we have in Texas, it can be challenging to live through winter. But when winter is over, you can enjoy the warmth and play as long as you like outdoors.

Before heading into spring, you should deep clean your home and remove the dust and dirt. Better still, you need to come up with a plan to help spring cleaning and make it quicker without a hitch.

Inside your home

Organize and declutter your home

We understand that it can be difficult to let go of some possession. Unfortunately, holding on to things that are not important will drive you into collecting more possessions. This is why you should deliberately declutter your home before spring. Besides cleaning, decluttering helps you relax and focus on crucial things. It also ultimately reduces stress and anxiety and makes spring cleaning easier and more efficient.

To do this, clean out the clutter into three sections; donation, recycling, and sale.

  • Donate items that are in excellent condition and that may still be of value to someone else but not to you.
  • Sell items with a recognizable sales value to make money.
  • Throw away useless ones that are merely taking space.

After this, rearrange your home with the remaining items. However, implement storage solutions and save-spacing designs. This routine will put your home in a blank state and help with spring cleaning.

Wash, Wash, and Wash

Like literally, wash everything. Put away the dishes, fold the laundry, make your bed, clean the carpet-yeah, those kinda things. Mats, tablecloths, and dishes collect dust; hence, the need to wash them. Besides, you should give your removable pillow covers, curtains, and rugs a good wash. It is easier if the items are machine-washable to reduce the hassle. You know your home more than we do so we can’t offer much help on what to wash. However, the fundamental principle is to wash all washables before spring.

Clean out the fridge and restock on supplies

Clean the freezer and the fridge by removing all items for effectiveness. If you have ice all over the freezer, thaw it and clean it with warm water. Use warm soapy water to clean other frozen parts of your home. After cleaning, check for expired products and dispose of them. Then you can proceed to restock your fridge.

To make spring cleaning effective, stock up on cleaning supplies and products. Since cleaning is often about preparation, shop for the right cleaning tools and make upgrades where necessary.

Outside your home

Dallas Maids - Man climbing a ladder outdoors.

Ice and heavy rainstorms often damage the property in some way during winter. Unfortunately, a build-up of such damages may be catastrophic in the future. Therefore, inspect your house to identify subtle changes to your property.

Roof, walls, and gutters

Inspect your roof shingles to identify if any part has fallen off. You should also check in case any is loose and push the shingles to detect exposure. If there is any change, call a professional for a quick fix. Also, check the walls for cracks, holes, and discoloration and fix them. Inspect the gutters for cracks and leaks. If you notice any unpleasantness, call a professional to fix them.

Mow your grass

Winter leaves grasses dead at the end and causes new stem growth. As a result, it makes the grass appear dense and messy. We recommend you mow the grass so that new seeds can reach the ground and for new ones to grow.

Loosen the soil and weed

Temperature drop makes the soil dense and hard. As a result, air and water don’t reach the roots. Although warm weather naturally loosens the soil, you can loosen it yourself. After this, add some fertilizer and weed out your yard.


It’s hard to believe, but we are almost through to march.

Unbelievable right? Before spring comes, break up the cleaning cycle but pre-spring cleaning. This way, you will feel less overwhelmed and have time for more tasks.

Don’t forget to check Dallas Maids if you need to book a cleaning service in Dallas.

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