Review on Youngblood’s Hardwood Flooring

Dallas Maids - Review on Youngblood's Hardwood Flooring

Not often that we write a review for another company on our blog (maybe we should more often). However an exception was needed this time for Youngblood’s Hardwood Flooring.

It all started with one of my office staff notifying me Thursday, later afternoon, of an accident at a customer’s home. One of our crews had a Move In cleaning. While cleaning the oven the cleaning solution that our professional house cleaner was using dripped through the sheets placed under the oven onto the beautiful wooden floor. Ouch! I have wooden floors in my own kitchen and felt the pain.

Rags are used to prevent oven cleaner from staining the floor, especially nice wood floors like these.  This time it wasn’t thick enough (note to self – from now on place 5 layers of rags !).

Ruined hardwood floor and 6 days until the owners move in. I’m thinking the whole downstairs floor would need to be refinished. Around 10 years ago we had a similar incident and that’s exactly what needed to be done: All down stairs wooden floors at a cost of around $8000. This being a bigger, much nicer home, I feared the claim we’d be filing with our insurance company. Not good since insurance rates would surely rise.

Even a reply from another flooring contractor mentioned the whole floor would have to be redone:

“This means any repair will be apparent. Normally in order to do a seamless repair the whole floor has to be sanded down and refinished/ re handscraped if you don’t want smooth floors.”


Anyway, found out about the ruined floor Thursday night. David of Youngblood’s replies within minutes and sets up to take a look first thing Friday morning. His quote of $300 was beyond reasonable. And he was ready to repair it immediately!

He offered to do it then and there. I hesitated for a moment because I was nervous. Afterall this was my customer’s floor and I needed to be sure it was repaired perfectly. It could not be noticeable. I gave him the go ahead and, boy, I’m glad I did!

An hour later I return with my checkbook. Not only did he and his crew repair the floor under the oven PERFECTLY, they repaired all the blemishes, scratches, and chair marks on the entire first floor for FREE. Are you kidding me? We’re leaving the wood floors in much better condition than we’d found them. And that looks pretty darn good for Dallas Maids!

As for that other contractor who said “This means any repair will be apparent”… well, look at how “apparent” Youngblood’s repair was in the before and after photos.

before and after

So a big Texas THANK YOU to Youngblood’s Hardwood Flooring. You guys made a bad situation into a big plus for my customer. And for that I’m extremely thankful.

A little more about David Youngblood, the owner. He’s been in the hardwood flooring business in 1978 (That’s almost how long I’ve been on this good earth!). He founded his company in 1995 and is a hands-on owner. If you need hardwood flooring this is the company I’d emphatically recommend. His website is

Needless to say, Youngblood’s Hardwood Flooring ise now my go-to company for my hardwood flooring needs (though knock-on-wood not anytime soon).

P.S. Here are a couple more pictures. Wished I had the before photos for the rest of the house but I didn’t expect them to be super awesome and repair it.

full view of reapir under oven
Another after photo of kitchen floor under oven.
dining room area
Dining area in kitchen. Had nasty scuff marks from dining room chairs.
hardwood floor repair living room after
Living Room. Had scratches and blemishes from furniture.