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Dallas Maids - Smart Cleaning School - Sail Around the World with Greg Shepard

Podcast: Smart Cleaning School with Greg of Dallas Maids

Greg is a serial entrepreneur. He is the owner of Dallas Maids along with 2 other cleaning companies which he founded or co-founded. In this interview, we dive into the subconscious mind and the limitless power we all possess to win at business and life. Greg sounds like a modern day Napoleon Hill, who wrote “Think & Grow Rich”. You will love how I probe Greg for his Why and vision behind each step in his journey. And I know you’ll love his resolve to earn his next life’s dream to sail around the world by building a 4th cleaning company in Toronto, Ontario. This interview was fascinating to me!

Resources: Greg recommended the books, “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell and “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by Harv Eker. Greg’s cleaning company specific SEO company is Clean SEO.

The Smart Cleaning School Podcast helps cleaning business owners from start-up to the struggling solo to the striving seven-figure get SMARTER in their businesses, reshape their mindset, increase productivity, clear the overwhelm, and get clarity through SMART goal-setting & personal accountability. Ken Carfagno is a lifetime learner and teacher. His mission is to help visionaries make the impact they were meant to make.
Smart Cleaning School Podcast – Sail Around the World with Greg Shepard