Spring Cleaning Guide Video – Spring Cleaning Tips to Get it Done in 2013!

Dallas Maids - Spring Cleaning Guide Video - Spring Cleaning Tips to Get it Done in 2013!

Away with winter stuffiness, spring is our favorite time of the year! Sunshine, fresh breezes, flowers; what’s not to love? Spring cleaning is all about bringing that sunny, breezy freshness indoors. It’s a time honored tradition dating back centuries, a season to air the house out and do a through cleaning to start the new year. To kick off the 2013 spring cleaning season we are rolling out our latest Clean Freaks Spring Cleaning Guide Video, a step by step spring cleaning guide that is sure to get you motivated!

Hopefully after that you are ready and inspired to do some deep cleaning of your own! Before you do, here are some easy ways to make sure your spring cleaning goes as smoothly as possible:

Make your list.

You’ll actually need to make a couple. First you’ll need a cleaning list, check out our free printable one here: Then you’ll need to make a list of the supplies you’ll need to get the job done. That way you won’t be running out to the store for more window cleaner halfway through the day.

Pick a day.

Be generous when estimating the time it will take to complete everything on your list. You might put aside a Saturday or a whole weekend just depending on how long that list is.

Enlist your troops.

Family and friends will help if you ask and if you sweeten the deal with a couple of pizzas and some drinks they will do it with a smile.

Make a follow up plan.

It’s likely that you will purge a lot of “stuff” during the spring cleaning process that you won’t want to put back into your perfectly clean and organized home. Make a plan ahead of time to deal with the excess. Schedule a charity pickup or plan a yard sale for some extra cash!