Toilet Trials: Cleaning Your Toilet Bowl

Dallas Maids - Toilet Trials: Cleaning Your Toilet Bowl

Today we will be coming clean on the very best ways to tackle one of the most dreaded cleaning tasks of all; cleaning the toilet bowl. Over the years we’ve met with a lot of different theories about the best way to clean a toilet and here we will tell you which work, which don’t and which are just plain weird.

Toilet Trial #1: Bleach

It seems that bleach is everyone’s cleaner of choice when it comes time to scrub toilets but it actually may not be doing the job you think it is. The benefit that bleach has is that it’s extremely effective against germs and bacteria. The problem is that it’s also a whitening agent and that means you may just be bleaching a ring of corrosive scum instead of removing it. The sneaky scum will still be there you just won’t be able to see it but that can certainly cause trouble down the road. Also, if you choose to use bleach or a product with bleach in it it’s very important not to mix it with any product containing ammonia because that can cause very toxic and harmful fumes. Always check the label!

Toilet Trial #2 Lemon or Orange Drink Mix

This one is pretty unconventional! We won’t name any brands but you know those little envelopes of drink mix that kids love so much? They have a cult following in the secret cleaning tips arena. You just sprinkle the powder around the bowl, let stand for ten to twenty minutes and then give it a good scrub. So is this one true or false? Kind of gross but true! The orange and lemon flavored drink mixes contain citric acid which dissolve the dreaded scum buildup. That said, it’s certainly not the best fix for tough stains or toilet bowl rings. Also, keep in mind that other flavors won’t work, no grape or cherry please! And make sure the mix is one that doesn’t have the sugar already added or you may just be feeding the bacteria. Ready for another strange one?

Toilet Trial #3: Cola Flavored Sodapop

Ready to get turned off to another of your favorite beverages? Some people swear by cola sodapop to clean their toilet bowls! Again the citric acid can be helpful, and talk about scrubbing bubbles! But the problem lies in the sugar, again bacteria thrive and feed off of sugar so put them on a diet soda if you want to try this one. In our experience, this trick is not as effective so you might just want to save your tasty beverage for lunch.

Toilet Trial #4: Denture Tablets

This is a neat little trick. Drop a pair of denture cleaning tablets in your bowl before bedtime. In the morning just give it a quick scrub and voila! A toilet fit for an orthodontist! This works for regular maintenance cleaning but not for old stains or tough rings. And of course a little light scrubbing is still required!

Ok we’ve looked at some conventional toilet cleaning methods and other not so conventional ones. So, how do the award-winning Dallas maids clean toilets? With an acid based toilet bowl cleaning product. Maybe not fun or glamorous but an acid based product will bust scum, remove rings and kill all of the bacteria along the way. If you have a tough ring you can use a nylon backed scrub sponge along with the acid cleaner. Another useful tip if you have a china toilet bowl is to use a pumice stone on stubborn rings and stains, just make sure to keep the stone wet as you work!

That’s it for this edition of Clean Freaks and as always: if it sounds like too much work just call Dallas Maids!