Welcome Monse, Dallas Maids’ New General Manager

Dallas Maids - Welcome Monse, Dallas Maids' New General Manager

I’m excited to announce that Monse has accepted a promotion at Dallas Maids as our General Manager. Truthfully, it is not so much a promotion, rather it is recognition for what she has already been doing for a long while at Dallas Maids.

Monse basically promoted herself by taking on additional responsibilities and doing what was necessary to ensure Dallas Maids continued to operate at a high level, serving our customers and staff.

Dallas Maids - Monse Profile Picture
Our New Dallas Maids General Manager, Monse

Monse has been us for over 2 years. She has earned this position, but not overnight. She has taken a step every day to prove herself as a trustworthy, kind, empathetic, and hard-working team mate and leader.

Monse’s journey has led her to be here, as our new general manager. But it started some 2 and half years ago.

Monse joined Dallas Maids in 2020. She was an office manager that had a particular zest for getting the job done while also helping customers feel seen, respected, and important. But before I knew that, I remember interviewing Monse with our team and thinking she would be perfect for the job.

She had naturally risen in rank at her previous places of employment, to hold key positions of management. And from her interview, I could clearly see why; she was exceptionally professional, well-spoken, genuine, a natural leader. I just got a good gut feeling about Monse.

She was hired.

Monse’s Performance

I’m so glad I waited to see her character. I’m so glad I listened to my gut and that she has called us her team because she would soon prove how invaluable she was to Dallas Maids.

She hit the floor running. (Monse, thank you for reading the Operation Manual before accepting our offer!) For a brief time Monse moved to Emily’s Maids. Her experience, charm, and desire to provide a quality service helped Emily’s Maids grow.

Once an opening appeared, I gave Monse and option of returning to Dallas Maids. I was thrilled she came back. She has been an excellent team leader. She makes sure work gets done. Monse has even helped with our recruiting efforts, introducing us to Nelly (Emily’s Maids) and Edith (Dallas Maids).

More About Monse, the new Dallas Maids General Manager

As you all know from working with Monse, she loves to laugh and connect while also working hard together. That vigor and passion has been critical to our success as the Dallas area’s most highly rated and awarded cleaning service in Dallas.

It is that tenacity, that spark, that has brought Monse to this new path on her journey.

Today, we take a minute to honor Monse. Her work, her smile, her compassion. And we also take a minute to learn from her. She has walked a journey of a thousand miles at Dallas Maids to become our new manager. But that journey wasn’t clear or obvious the first day. It all started when she woke up her first day and made the choice to work hard, stay the course, and do her best.

That is what we are celebrating today. Not just the work she has done, but who she is. Monse, we are proud of you and so excited to be on your team in the next leg of our journey together.