3 Quick Cleaning Tips for San Jacinto Day

Dallas Maids - 3 Quick Cleaning Tips for San Jacinto Day

Welcome back to Dallas Maids? Want to prepare for San Jacinto Day? These are some fire cleaning tips that can at least get rid of the most obvious messes on your property.

So, which is harder to prepare for: the big holidays, or the smaller ones? Of course, the notion of a “big” holiday is highly subjective, as we each choose to respect and hold different celebrations.

We will only be discussing holidays in terms of the time off we can get from work and how much free time we can allocate to prepare for them. Certain occasions such as Christmas have an entire season dedicated to them, followed shortly by New Year’s.

Employers are also willing to grant more time off during Spring Break, Lent, or Easter. This gives workers a chance to vacation, but also to clean and prepare their homes.

Meanwhile, Labor Day, MLK Day, or San Jacinto Day are seen as mostly one-off, one-day occasions. This is why these days are arguably harder to prepare for because you only have a very short time to clean, cook, or make preparations. There is no “season” attached to these days.

Assuming you are expecting company or just want to prepare for San Jacinto Day, here are some quick-fire cleaning tips that can at least get rid of the most obvious messes on your property:

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

While most of this article will focus on DIY solutions, it should be mentioned that the least time-consuming option is to rent out a cleaning professional. Pop culture hurts most people in this regard because only rich people are often portrayed as being able to contact such a service. That picture is far from accurate. 

The truth is that market competition has driven down cleaning prices, making them more affordable for even middle-class people. This is especially true in areas where there are no apparent monopolies and dozens of companies are competing for a limited market share. 

It will cost you, but you will get to enjoy more of that precious, limited, free time. 

Pick the Right Cleaning Products

Mindfulness is useful, even while doing chores. If one were to observe the cleaning process, one would find that you spend a quarter of time cleaning off the residue of the cleaning solution itself. Although effective at dissolving dirt and killing bacteria, many detergents and cleaning products will leave a trail. 

A persistent layer of fatty scum can accumulate, forcing you to rinse, wait for the foam to clean, and repeat. 

Non-soapy soaps are both literally and figuratively “the solution.”

So, even though the name persists, some market “soaps” are not soaps at all. The name remained out of inertia and brand recognition. 

These non-soap products are just as effective as soaps while reducing the scum buildup and soap stains that usually come with the territory.

Using these products can save you a lot of time during a quick scrub-down.

Microfiber Cloths 

Few things can improve cleaning more than microfiber cloth. Most people use paper towels to wipe away residue, absorb fat, and wipe surfaces. Yet, paper towels are disposable by nature, and constantly discarding them can get expensive if you are on a budget.

Paper towels can also leave paper lint, which is white and highly visible. In addition, even though they seem smooth to the naked eye, their structure is somewhat rough. Paper towels can scratch delicate surfaces, even though they are made from soft paper. 

Microfiber cloths solve all of these problems. They are dirt-cheap, can be bought in bulk, can be re-used, and color-coded for each room. You will save a lot of time by reducing the lint problem alone. 


There is no such thing as a free lunch. Cutting corners will cost you in one way or another. Even during quick-fire cleaning sessions, you will still have to do the same jobs, taking the same steps. Therefore, if you can’t skip steps, the least you could do is get better tools and materials.

If you can afford it, simply hire a cleaner for a day. They can prep your house even while you are at your job. If not, focus on cutting down the busy work of dealing with lint or soap scum. It may not seem like much, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run. 

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed these cleaning tips for San Jacinto Day. Don’t forget to check our cleaning blog with plenty of tips from actual professional house cleaners, deals and discounts for Dallas Maids. We’ll be back soon!

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