Easter Cleaning Guide: Get Your Home Ready In No Time

Dallas Maids - Easter Cleaning Guide: Get Your Home Ready In No Time

Easter is fast approaching and it’s going to be a very busy weekend if you’re having guests over. While you prepare and remember to look for our codes for a Free Clean! relax and read this Cleaning Guide, because don’t you think spring cleaning is due? It doesn’t matter if you’re having just one guest or a lot of people over, you need to ensure that your home is comfortable for them. There’s nothing better than seeing your visitors comfortable and feeling at home when they come over. Let’s look into cleaning and getting your home ready for Easter. Each area of the home needs to be given special attention. Let’s start from the living room.

Each area of the home needs to be given special attention. Let’s start from the living room.

Living Room

Dallas Maids - Clean Living room

This is where you usher your guests in when they come. It connects them to the rest of your home. Your living room arrangement and cleanliness will tell a lot about you. If you want to give off a good perception, then you should take time to clean out your living room this Easter. Arrange your furniture beautifully and clean them also. If there are sofa pillows, arrange them well by the sofa. Also, clean out your rugs to get rid of dust.


You’re probably going to prepare meals and snacks to serve your guests. Clean your kitchen by touching areas that are often neglected such as the stovetop, microwave, ovens, deep freezer, refrigerator, counters, and cupboards. You may also scrub your kitchen tiles if need be. Ensure that there isn’t any speck of dust or dirt left. If you will serve with chinaware, be sure to wash them and dry them out.

Dining Room

Remember that Easter is a holiday season to be spent with family and friends. Of course, there’s going to be eating and drinking. The dining room hosts this aspect. Therefore, you need to take out time to clean and arrange it. Make sure the dining table and chairs are well set and can be used without any inconvenience.

After cleaning your home, you need to go the extra mile to make sure your guests are comfortable. You want to give them an unforgettable pleasing experience, don’t you? How do you do this? If you are having quite a large number of people over, there’s every tendency that they would converse in small groups and then go back to general discussions. It would be nice to arrange your home in a way that would accommodate small private discussions. The sofas and chairs need to be comfortable for people of all ages. You can also incorporate side sofas and stools.

When it comes to serving them meals, you have kitchen sets you reserve for special occasions. Take them out and prepare to treat your guests like royalty.

A Little Design Doesn’t Hurt

You can bring out your inner creativity this Easter and do something wonderful! Yes, we’re talking about your home design. Do little adjustments here and there, and add a few touches to the interiors. You can choose a theme. It could be an elegant religious Easter theme, floral theme, and more. Whichever one you think would be perfect for your home decor is what you should use. 

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Scent Matters Too

It isn’t just enough if your home looks good. Scent matters too. The way your home scents or smells can make it inviting or not. You can use scented candles for your bathrooms and bedrooms, and floral scents for the living room. You don’t need to add any scent to the dining room as food aroma will do the job.

As a finishing touch to your Easter home cleaning, you can take out some clutter. Go around the house and make sure that there aren’t any useful things lying around. This would make your home much cleaner and make the air fresher. You can also use flower vases in different sections of your home to make it appealing and inviting. You could decide to use natural flowers or artificial ones. Whichever one you choose, it should correspond to your home design.


If you still have more questions check out our spring cleaning FAQ’s, there are still more Cleaning Guides coming. There’s more to being a good host than just serving food and drinks. How comfortable your guests are matters a lot. This is why you should take out time this Easter to clean out your home and make it pleasing to your guests.

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