A Small Place: Tidying Tiny Homes and Apartments

Dallas Maids - A Small Place_ Tidying Tiny Homes and Apartments

Do you live in a small place? Typical 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and tiny kitchen? Keeping them always clean and maintaining order can become a nightmare. You need to be constantly washing dishes, doing laundry and making sure nothing is left around because with one single piece of paper out of its place and the whole apartment looks like a trash can.

Well, here are a few tips to make sure you don’t end up turning into an organization obsessive-compulsive maniac.

Minimalist decoration.

Avoid unnecessary ornaments at all costs. We all like to get souvenirs from anywhere we travel to, but, if you’re going to get a Buddha statue that will end up in a corner next to a Mexican hat, think about it twice. Fridge magnets are a nice way of getting a souvenir that will not use any space but will remind you of the good times you had during your holidays.

Have a small trash bin in every space.

This way you will make sure all the unnecessary papers, pens, empty containers and bottle caps end up where they need to be. And please, don’t collect wine corks in a jar. That will only show your friends how much you like wine and in a couple of weeks your whole apartment will smell like an old western canteen.

Shelves are your best friends.

The best way to keep a small place in order is by using shelves. A small shelf in the kitchen will keep your dishes lined up like army soldiers. Another shelf in the living/dining room can help you organize your electronic appliances, and one in the bathroom will avoid confusing your toothbrush with a pipe cleaner in the dark.

Don’t have any pieces of furniture that can allow you to hang things on them.

Then, you will have to put your jacket in the closet where it belongs. It is a fact, once you place one jacket on the back of a chair, you will start piling up clothes. And then you’ll have one less place to sit on and a mountain of clothes that, at some point, you’ll miss and wonder – hey didn’t I have a black hoodie? I wonder where I left it. Well, it’s in that pile.

Take advantage of new technologies.

Recently TV screens, speakers, laptops, and phones are getting slimmer and smaller. Good for you! The less space they take, the less cluttered your place will look.

That’s it! We hope these tips help you keep everything under control. Don’t forget you can check our booking page if you want our help with cleaning your home, no matter how big or small.