How to Be the Best Maid Service in Dallas – Our “Secret” Recipe

Dallas Maids - How to Be the Best Maid Service in Dallas - Our  Secret Recipe

There are a LOT of cleaning services in Dallas; competition is fierce but for years Dallas Maids has been above the fray.

How do we stay on top year after year?

Our “secret recipe” isn’t a really a secret, ask our happy customers and they will tell you: Dallas Maids has the best people, the best service, the best value in maid service in Dallas since 2004.

The Best People

We turn away wonderful housekeepers all the time… because we only hire exceptional housekeepers. They have to absolutely “wow” us with spectacular references, outstanding experience and perfect people skills.

If they can get past that initial interview then they still have to pass a thorough background check and it better be spotless.

From there they go to maid training boot camp until we are 100% sure that they are ready to join our elite team of maids.

Sounds exhausting right? You can be sure that anyone that goes through all that trouble must really want to work for Dallas Maids. And why wouldn’t they? We don’t cut any corners when it comes to taking care of our staff.

And we know that a great work environment and fair treatment are the keys to keeping our good people at Dallas Maids for years to come. We have an incredibly low employee turnover rate and that’s because:

  1. We pay them what they are worth. We hate it when we get wind of a maid service in Dallas that is paying minimum wage. We want all of our employees to earn enough to live a dignified life and provide well for their families.
  2. We treat them fairly. We do everything in our power to provide our employees with a safe, enjoyable working environment. Everyone from management on down to our customers are expected to treat our housekeepers with respect.
  3. We show them our appreciation. From bonuses to promotions to company events, we let our people know that we appreciate their hard work!

The Best Service

We are obsessed with great customer service. Here are some ways we are setting the customer service bar for every other maid service in Dallas:

  1. Killer Communication. We make it so easy to get in touch and stay connected. On any given day we are talking to clients on the phone, on Facebook, on our live chat via our website ( ) … we are totally wired for every client! Our site is set up for easy viewing on mobile devices and you can find us on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, all over the web!
  2. Fuss Free Booking. Our friendly office staff make setting up service so easy; from a free quote right over the phone to our full range of convenient payment options booking couldn’t be simpler!
  3. The Perfect Clean. Cleaning is what we are best at and nobody does it better than Dallas Maids! Top to bottom, room by room, every surface of every home gets cleaned and polished to perfection. We are so confident about the quality of our cleaning service that we guarantee our client’s satisfaction every time.
  4. VIP Treatment! Our customers are very important people and we make sure they know it;  every client gets personalized service to fit their specific needs, availability and budget. If they have special requests, we happily accommodate them; if they have questions, we have cheerful answers. If they aren’t 100% satisfied, we make it right and don’t quit until they are happy customers!

The Best Value in Maid Service in Dallas

We don’t cut corners: we arm the best people with the best equipment and training, then we back them up with stellar customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

A lot of cleaning services try to take shortcuts like using low quality cleaning products or hiring contract workers. They gamble with their client’s home and possessions by sending untrained workers to clean.

You’d be surprised how many of these companies don’t have insurance to protect their clients. Or how many don’t bother running background checks because they don’t want to pay the fee for the report.

Dallas Maids is built on rock solid moral and ethical values like integrity, transparency and accountability. We work hard to earn our client’s trust and then work twice as hard to keep it. You won’t find a faceless corporation or franchise here; we are from Dallas, we love Dallas and Dallas loves us back!