Clean Your Home In Ten Minutes

Dallas Maids - Clean Your Home In Ten Minutes

Have you ever received a call from a friend on a lazy Saturday saying they are going to stop by to visit? Hopefully, you didn’t hang up only to look around in dismay at an untidy home. It has happened to the best of us at times. Unexpected visitors can unnerve even veteran clean freaks.

In this video, we will show you how to prepare for unplanned company in case you need to clean your home in ten minutes flat. No time to waste, let’s get started.

Pick a Space

If you really want to clean your home in ten minutes, you need to optimize your resources. Decide quickly where you will be receiving your visitor. Where will you be spending time with them?

Usually, this is the living room. Almost all of your efforts will go into this room. You will be shutting the doors on the rest of the rooms, so you can forget for the moment that they exist.

Hide the Clutter

Get a big container; a box, a garbage bag or a laundry basket will do. Place everything that is not supposed to be in that room in the container. Don’t waste time separating, you can do that later.

Hit the bathroom

Your guest may visit your bathroom at some point so you will want to make sure it gets a once-over too. Collect clutter from the counters and floors and either toss it into a cabinet or hide it in another room.

Spray some product in your toilet bowl and while it soaks use your rag and spray bottle to quickly wipe down the counters and sink. Close your shower door or shower curtain to block any view of the shower area. Give your toilet bowl a very fast scrub, wipe down the seat with your rag and toss it in the trash on your way out.

Your Finishing Touches Before the Ten Minutes Are Up

Make a very rapid sweep of the room, collecting any items on the couches, floors, tables and anywhere else easily insight of where your guest will be. Once you have gathered everything, stick the container in another room and shut the door.

Grab a Rag

. . . And a spray bottle type cleaning product like glass cleaner or multi-surface cleaner. Wipe down the tables and surfaces in your chosen area.

If at all possible, dim the lights in the area you just tidied up. Not that you should receive your guests in the dark but dimmer light is more forgiving to areas you may have missed. Light some scented candles; it will look festive and smell nice.

Aerosol air freshener will work if you don’t have candles on hand. You can also try to create a distraction by turning on the television or setting out some no-fuss food you may have on hand.

Your ten minutes should be up by now but if your guest has still not arrived here are a few more things you can squeeze in while you wait:

  • If you have a lot of dirty dishes in the kitchen you can stick them in the oven
  • Sweep the floor in your chosen room or vacuum very quickly there
  • Take a second to change clothes or get spruced up yourself, after all it’s you that your guest is coming to see!

Well, that’s it for this edition of Clean Freaks. We hope you get to clean your home in ten minutes give or take. And make sure you check our YouTube video where you have all the details!

As always: if it sounds like too much work just call Dallas Maids!