Cleaning and Organizing Your Garage

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Clean and Organize Your Garage

Although the main purpose of a garage is to store one or more vehicles, most people end up using this space as storage, cluttering up everything with tools, boxes, but mostly junk.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you clean and organize your garage at least twice a year, so that you can get rid of anything that you don’t use anymore and allow this room to be used for its original intended purpose.

This guide will be separated in two parts: cleaning and organizing. It’s best to do the former first before attempting the latter.


First and foremost, remove everything from the garage, especially your car, so that you can access and clean every surface. Gather everything in one place outside of the garage so you can organize it later.

  • Clean all shelves and surfaces with a damp cloth and a cleaning product adequate for the material you will be cleaning.
  • Clean the floor. This will differ depending on the material the surface is made of. Most garage floors are made of concrete, although many others are made of linoleum and similar materials. For concrete floors, it’s better to have an industrial cleaning company help you, as garages can accumulate a lot of grease and oil; these stains are very hard to remove by conventional means. If you have linoleum floors, you will need to clean them with an appropriate product and polish them.

Now you can return to the pile of objects you made earlier and start organizing!


Organize the pile of objects into four main categories: “keep”, “donate”, “garbage” and “toxic or dangerous materials.”

Throw away the “garbage” pile, but separate and recycle what you can.

Dispose of the “toxic or dangerous materials” in an appropriate manner. You can look up information on the internet or call an environmental agency in your area to find how to properly dispose hazardous waste.

Put the “donate” pile in boxes and place these in your car to save time. Later on, you can take these to the charity of your choice.

Organize the “keep” category into smaller, more specific ones. For example: gardening tools and equipment, car tools and equipment, sports, cleaning implements, ornaments, etc.

Once everything has been organized into categories, put some stuff in boxes and others in shelves. Make sure to label everything so that you can find it later with ease.

You can place hooks inside your garage to hang things like gardening tools and equipment to save space. It’s easy to find these in any supermarket or store, although you can also fashion them yourself if you like. Of course, you can also use shelves to store these, but that tends to use more space.

You can store things like compost, dirt and fertilizers in small plastic containers with wheels. That way, you can move them around easily.

If you have bicycles at home, we recommend you to hang them on hooks attached to the ceiling, which will not only allow you to save space but also access them much more easily.

To store objects that you use infrequently, like Christmas ornaments, use boxes and label them appropriately. Place these boxes on the uppermost shelves with the label in front so that you can read and find them easily, should the need arise.

You have finished! Hopefully these tips will help you clean and organize your garage. Check Dallas Maids if you need an extra pair of hands to clean your home. Bookmark our blog and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay tuned with our news and cleaning hacks. We’ll be back soon!