How to Deep Clean Your Living Room

Dallas Maids - How to Deep Clean Your Living Room

How to Deep Clean a Living Room 

The living room is also a very important room in the house, because it’s the very first (and likely only) room your guests will see. It’s a relatively difficult area to keep organized, because if even a small object is out of place, it can ruin the appearance of the entire room.

Let’s find out how to deep clean your living room step by step!

Start With the Ceiling

It’s recommended that you start cleaning this room from top to bottom, so that no stray dust falls onto what you have already cleaned.

  • Begin with the ceiling, removing cobwebs and dust with a broom, making sure it’s clean before doing so. You can also wrap a cloth around the room to catch dust better.
  • Remove the dust from ceiling fans and lamps with a long-handled brush or with a cloth, although you will need to use a ladder for the latter.
  • Clean any light switches, electrical sockets and plugs with a mildly damp dishcloth. Also make sure to clean the walls around these objects, because they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt.
Dallas Maids - Dirty Ceiling Fan

Next Step: Curatins, Windows and Doors

  • Remove your curtains and put them in the laundry, or buy new ones. After removing all curtains, you will clean your window frames, followed by the windows themselves and any other objects made of glass.
  • First, dust your window frames and clean them carefully. Then, clean your windows and glass objects, using a glass-cleaning solution or water mixed with vinegar. After applying the solution, use a dry cloth to scrub the glass clean.
  • Clean your doors and door handles. To do this, use a dry cloth to remove any dust, and then polish them with a specialized product for the materials cleaned.

Third Step: Deep Clean Your Furniture

  • Clean your lamps. Dust the shades and remove the light bulbs. Clean them carefully with a damp cloth. If you can, take the lamps apart to remove insects and dust that might have settled inside the fixture. Also replace any light bulbs that are burned out.
  • Clean your sofa and armchairs. These are very important to keep clean, so remove the cushions and clean the inside of the couch with a damp cloth. You can use ammonia mixed with water to remove food, drink and other stains.  Extra tip: Check the effect of any cleaning solution on a non-visible corner of the couch, so that you can see the effects it has on the fabric.
  • Clean your ornaments. Check them thoroughly to make sure that they aren’t broken and clean them carefully. Dispose of any old and dusty candles. Put away any ornaments that you dislike. If you have too many ornaments, put half of them in a box and alternate them every month or so.
  • Clean your tables and chairs. Use a product to polish wood (if your tables and chairs are made of this material). Or, mix ½ cup of olive oil with ¼ cup of lemon juice and use it to polish most surfaces. To clean these surfaces carefully, use a soft, dry cloth.
  • Clean all electronic devices (TV, stereo, home theater, telephones, etc.) and their remote controls. Use a microfiber cloth for this purpose and a bit of alcohol to remove stains. Make sure to unplug all your devices before cleaning them.
Dallas Maids - Messy Living Room

Last but Not Least: Floors and Final Details

  • Once everything else has been cleaned, sweep your floors and vacuum your carpets thoroughly. You can also polish your floors with a product appropriate for their materials.
  • Put new flowers in any vases you have around so that the room looks and smells nice.
  • Spray the room with air freshener and enjoy!

You have finished! Hopefully these tips will help you keep your living room clean and your guests happy! Remember you can check our website if you need a professional cleaning service. We are always happy to help our customers with their cleaning needs.