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Customer Service Tips for Dallas Maids’ Happiness Team

When customers call us, they are NOT just buying our housecleaning services, they are buying the WHOLE Dallas Maids’ experience.

From the first friendly phone call to the final followup quality check calls, the customer service you provide and HOW you communicate with our awesome customers is as important as the cleaning service provided in their home. Since you are an important part of the whole, people are actually buying YOU. That is why your customer service is critical.

Here are helpful customer service tips prepared by Diana of Dallas Maids (Thank you Diana!). May these tips take your customer service to the next level.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST A LIFE TIME – they can make or break you

Take this opportunity to showcase your professional and social skills. Not only will this impression imprint with our customer but it will help them make a business decision as well.


Speaking with a smile will make your voice sound more welcoming than usual.

Good posture will have an impact on the sound of your voice!

EMPATHY – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another

When speaking with an upset customer, take the time to acknowledge their feelings and making their issue yours (this will help your resolution and ensure the issue doesn’t happen again)

When providing a resolution, always try to give the customer a choice, this will make them feel more comfortable with the possible outcome.


We can hear a person talk all day, but are we really listening?

Paying attention to detail is the key to a one time resolution!

If you are not sure, you can always repeat what the customer said just to ensure you have a clear understanding of what happened and how you can prevent it from happening again.

  • Only 1 in 10 companies are able to answer questions in the first reply

This is why it is imperative that we check all forms of communication!

  • 99% of companies do not follow up on customers to see if they were satisfied with the response.

This shows how important it is to follow up with our customers when an issue is brought to our attention. As well as following up with them once the issue has been resolved.


Learning your personality will help you adjust to the personality of whomever you are speaking with, weather it’s via phone, email or in person. The four personality types are:


Which one are you?! How do you respond? Read this insightful article on Using Personality Profiles to Personalise Customer Interactions.


Paying attention to the feedback we are given shows the customer how much we care, not only for them but our employees as well. The value on both ends is important to retain a successful business relation with our customers.

  1. Respond to all customer service questions
  2. Inform the customer that their email/feedback has been received
  3. Follow up on the customer
  4. Answer all questions on the first response
  5. Make it easy for customers and the ladies to contact you
  6. Focus on quality, rather than quantity and time

Here is a link that we can all relate to when it comes to customer service