Dallas Maids, a Socially Responsible Business

Dallas Maids - Dallas Maids, a Socially Responsible Business

Being a socially responsible business is a lesson learned at Baylor University, one I hold close to my heart.

Through the years Dallas Maids has actively sought ways to positively impact our community. Here is a list of the more recent ways we have given back:

1) Free Cleans for First Responders during the Pandemic (2020 to present)

Dallas Maids is offering free home cleanings for Dallas area first responders during the Covid-19 pandemic. Coming home to a clean home is a stress reliever. We wanted to serve our public servants by lessening their stress while they were serving our community during extraordinarily difficult times.

The inspiration for donating free cleans came from the generosity of our own customers. When Dallas Maids lost half their business after the shelter in place order, many of our customers came through for us; they kept paying for service after canceling! This deeply touched all of our hearts at Dallas Maids.

A few local media outlets, including Fox 4 News, picked up the story on Dallas Maids’ free cleans for first responders.

2) Easing Recovery for Women with Cancer (2014 to present)

Since 2014, Dallas Maids has been helping women with cancer ease their recovery by providing free house cleanings. We donate free cleans a couple of times per month through our charity partner, Cleaning for a Reason.

3) Raise Money for a Colleague’s Daughter’s Cancer Treatments (2020)

Juno is the daughter of Laura, a friend, and fellow business owner. Juno was diagnosed with leukemia on 11/12/2019. Laura was struggling to raise six figures in medical expenses. I (along with other owners) was deeply saddened by their struggle. We couldn’t help but help in some way.

We organize Juno Summit, a cleaning conference where the aim was to raise money for Juno’s medical expenses while sharing our knowledge with other owners.

Per junosummit.com:
“In 2018 Laura pulled together a group of the largest and most successful cleaning business owners in the country to create a Mastermind Group to help each other to grow their business to the next level.

It was kicked off with an invite-only conference in Fort Collins, CO called the Native Genius Summit. She did this 100% at her own cost and just because she wanted to be in a room with some of the smartest business owners she knew.

When this happened to Laura we wanted to help her as much as she has helped us. We decided to offer this event as a way to raise funds to help Laura and Juno with their battle.”

At $3000 per ticket, the money raised put a major dent in the expenses. It has been a relentless struggle though recently Juno has had promising signs of improvement. May she beat this.

4) Helping Fallen First Responder’s Families (2019)

The Listeners Foundation, founded in 2002, started providing financial aid to families of Dallas police and firefighters killed in the line of duty. In 2019, Dallas Maids partnered with The Russ Martin Show Listeners Foundation by donating a portion of our company’s proceeds.

5) Giving to God’s Chosen People (2021)

In May 2021, Dallas Maids pledged to donate $5000.00 to the Jewish Federations of Greater Dallas Community Foundation. Per their websites, the “programs funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas create life-sustaining and life-changing impact.”

They also strive to inspire and engage “our Jewish young adults through networking, education, and philanthropy.”

6) Building Up Other Maid Services by Sharing Knowledge (On-going)

I was blessed to have local owners share their advice and knowledge with me when starting out. They helped Dallas Maids to succeed. Now, when other owners approach me for advice, I share the Dallas Maids’ knowledge because it is a privilege to pay it forward.

Having taken many calls over the years from owners, my assistance is always Free. Well, except for traveling expenses if they flew in to meet personally or attended the Juno Summit (and that was a for a good cause).

In addition to calls, we have shared many of the secrets which make Dallas Maids successful on the business advice section of Dallas Maids blog, among other places online such as 6 Principles for a Perfect Cleaning Business, Podcast on How to Clean Up Your Business, and the “P.S. Note to the aspiring maid service entrepreneur” near the bottom of What Sets Us Apart page.

Dallas Maids has a proven business system. I’m happy to share it with others because It’s my little way to positively impact my industry.