Dallas Maids on KTXD TV’s morning show, D The Broadcast

Dallas Maids - Dallas Maids on KTXD TV's morning show, D The Broadcast

Dallas Maids was invited to provide tips on how to find a great maid service on KTXD TV’s D The Broadcast.

The show is a partnership between KTXD TV and D Magazine, bringing you the latest trends and hot topics. The show featured Dallas Maids on July 29th. Look for us in the future because they have asked us to come back!

In case you can’t watch our YouTube video right now, here’s a short summary!

Whitney from Dallas Maids wanted to share some tips to choose the perfect cleaning company for your home.

One of the most important questions you can ask to your potential house cleaning service is: Will the same team/person always clean my home? Communication is key, always, and a cleaning service is not the exception.

If you explain what and how you want things done to your cleaner once, they will remember and remain consistent. Besides, it’s easier to build rapport and trust with a cleaner you’ve seen many times instead of having to meet a new one every month.

Another big question: Does (cleaning company) run background checks / have insurance coverage? It’s important to know what happens when something goes bad. After all, you are letting in someone you don’t really know that much (at the beginning).

This is why you need to make sure your cleaners have no criminal record and that both you and them are covered in case of accidents.

Thanks to KTXD TV’S D THE BROADCAST for having us on and thanks to D Magazine for recommending Dallas Maids in D Magazine’s Gold Pages multiple of times.

We appreciate the recognition for our continual efforts to be a better maid service for our customers (i,e, YOU!). And thank you for giving us the privilege to serve you!