Maid Service Versus Hiring an Individual

Dallas Maids - Maid Service Versus Hiring an Individual

A complaint I have often heard on hiring a maid service instead of an individual cleaner is price. Why are maid services more than an individual? Glad you asked…

The answer is maid services offer more value. Much more!

A maid service provides protection of your possessions and home, availability, trained staff, thorough employee background and reference investigation, and service guarantees.

Protection and Safety

A maid service handles 100% of the liability. A good thing because many things can go wrong!

1) Dallas Maids is insured for $1,000,000.00. If any accidents, breakages, or theft occurs (though theft is no issue here), Dallas Maids got your back and then some. Once we paid over $400.00 to repair a $20 tea cup… why would we do that?? …because the tea cup had a value that the dollar could only shadow. It had been given as a gift from her deceased grandmother. The sentimental value was priceless. We weren’t about to allow her to lose that.

2) Dallas Maids also carry workman’s comp. If a home cleaner slips and falls while scrubbing bathroom wall tile, you won’t have to worry about a lousy letter from their lawyer. Hiring individuals makes you the employer. And the employer is responsible for on-site injuries. The employer is also responsible for…

3) Taxes. Hiring a maid service guarantees you will only be responsible for paying for their cleaning services. The maid service takes care of the legality part of their employees. If you decide to hire an individual, you are obligated to withhold and pay Federal income, Social Security Medicare, and Unemployment taxes. Need help sorting all this out? IRS publication 926 will help.


When you hire an individual you are subject to their schedule. If they go on vacation, get sick, or just leave the country, you have no replacement.

With Dallas Maids, if your assigned cleaner is unable to make it, we will call you first, asking if you’d like us to send another team or just wait until your regular home cleaning artist comes back.


Individual home cleaners use techniques they have always used when cleaning their own place. After all, a cleaning is cleaning, right?

Well, there is a little more to it. Being trained in the proper techniques and supply/equipment usage not only ensure your home is cleaned efficiently and effectively, it also lessens chances of breakages, accidents, and injury. Something all of us want to avoid!

Background investigation

You can feel comfortable knowing that your housekeeper has been vetted by the cleaning company. Criminal background checks and thorough reference checks are a must.

With Dallas Maids our interviewing process takes it a step further. It is designed to look for two things: 1) a good worker who has 2) a good heart. You can’t have one without the other.

Hiring an individual there is no assurance whom you are letting into your home. Theft by individuals has often been cited why they decided to hire instead a maid service like Dallas Maids. Of all the stories that I have heard over the years, one comes to mind. A family once came home from vacation to find their trusted housekeeper of 20 something years gone.

They were terribly shocked to find their valuable possessions gone, too! Later it was discovered the housekeeper decided to retire, fleeing to her home country with more than enough money to retire on.


Professional home cleaning services are dedicated to their clientele’s happiness. Missed a spot? No worries, we’ll send a team back to clean areas of concern. Still not happy? Full refund! Dallas Maids has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We want to WOW every customer. Individuals may not have the resources or will to provide a guarantee or warranty.

In conclusion, price is always a factor when considering your home cleaning needs. Individuals will always beat a cleaning company’s pricing.

However, pricing should not be the determining factor. In this industry, you get what you pay for. The value per dollar you receive from a maid service in the long term will typically be more than hiring an individual.

That’s it for today! We hope this helps you realize the pros and cons of a maid service versus an individual. Don’t forget to check Dallas Maids’ booking page if you need a house cleaning service in Dallas. Also, bookmark our blog if you want more cleaning tips and tricks!