Orientation And Performance Procedure For Cleaning Staff

Dallas Maids - Orientation And Performance Procedure For Cleaning Staff

For the Holidays we want to share with our fellow cleaning service owners this operation procedure. It’s the Orientation, Training, and Performance Evaluation procedures Dallas Maids use to transform new hires into cleaning artists.

These procedures have proven effective in training and evaluating the performance of our new team members who, in turn, provide the best maid service in Dallas for our awesome customers.

We’re proud of constantly improving and receiving feedback to train our staff and evaluate their improvement with time. It’s important to take the time and energy to develop an orientation and performance procedure manual for your staff.

This will ensure that you have a consistent guide for managing your staff and keeping track of what their performance should be like as they work for your company, especially at the beginning. It’s always challenging for new team members so it’s important to explain procedures with clarity and ease.

You will gain more trust from your staff as well because they will see you are prepared and clear about what you expect from them and how to execute their duties.

How to Download Our Orientation and Performance Procedure

You are welcome to use these training and orientation procedures for your own house cleaning service. Happy Holidays!

You can view it online or download it by clicking “Download PDF”

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