Dallas Maids’ Procedures and Prevention Measures to Fight Coronavirus

Dallas Maids - Dallas Maids' Procedures and Prevention Measures to Fight Coronavirus

We’ve decided to share our procedures and prevention measures for anyone that wants to use them to protect employees and customers.

Dallas Maids is now offering complimentary high-touch sanitation with any cleaning to all of our customers. In addition to our regular cleaning, we will specifically disinfect ALL areas of your home that are most frequently touched. This includes door handles, drawer pulls, light switches, and remotes. 

You’re not alone.  We will help you combat the viruses and bacteria, using Vital Oxide. That is our professional-grade, EPA-registered hospital disinfectant which kills 99.999% of corona-family viruses!  

Even better, Dallas Maids’ regular cleaning protocols and standard operating procedures were always at the top of the industry standards for sanitation.

Our Procedures and Prevention Measures

  1. Our cleaners will go straight to your home in the morning, instead of meeting at the office like with most other employers. This will limit the number of people our cleaners encounter. 
  2. We work predominantly in small teams of only 1 to 2 people. Each team usually only services 2 or 3 homes per day, further limiting human contact;
  3. We wear shoe covers, freshly washed uniforms; masks; and use fresh, professional grade micro-fiber cloths and surgical huck rags at each home. 
  4. Offering flexible schedule and support our employees instead of penalizing them when they feel unwell and can’t work;
  5. We offer health and disability benefits to our staff unlike many other competitors;
  6. As part of our insurance, we carry 1 million in general liability insurance. If there is any damage or injury from our actions, you are protected.
  7. We do not require you to be at home when we clean. 6+ feet distance is a rule rather than exception; Overwhelming majority of our clients are not at home when we clean as our flat rates are conducive to that.
  8. We allow any client rescheduling of the cleaning without any penalty if there are any signs of any illness, even a cold.
  9. Our professional home cleaners are now required to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water. First upon entering your home, and then upon departure.
  10. We have extensive experience cleaning for people with chemical sensitivity, elderly, post-surgery, and chemo-therapy patients through our chosen charity, Cleaning for a Reason.

Check Our Procedures and Prevention Measures Manual

Dallas Maids’ doctor reviewed and approved COVID-19 policies and procedures. Hover mouse over doc and click arrows at bottom to navigate:

Take Care of Yourself and Others

The times are uncertain and the media sounds scary, but the viruses and bacteria do not read the news and they keep multiplying and clinging to the grime and grease in your home.  The solution is to clean more, not less.  Professionally, not haphazardly. 

If you’ve got someone in your family who’s high risk and can’t have us over but need help cleaning, please reach out with any questions! We will share our best tips and solutions for any cleaning challenges you encounter if you must do it yourself. We got this! 

Finally, if you or someone you know are a doctor or a nurse and battling the current public health crisis, we want to help. Between now and April 30, 2020, we offer huge discounts to help you win your battle with germs at home so you can keep battling at work!

Thank you for being a part of the Dallas Maids family.

We look forward to seeing you! 

❤️ Dallas Maids’ family

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P.S. Please share Dallas Maids’ coronavirus and flu policies and procedures with anyone that may be able to use them to protect their employees and customers. We are all in this together!

P.S.S. Please share our discount with any medical professionals you know. They deserve a break!

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