5 Best House Cleaning Services in Dallas

Dallas Maids - 5 Best House Cleaning Services in Dallas

We recently learned that Kev’s Best ranked Dallas Maids as one of the 5 Best House Cleaning Services in Dallas! We’re so happy and excited for the good news!

A sincere “Thank You” to Caleb, owner of Pink Power Cleaning, for notifying us of this honor. Otherwise, we would not have known.

Kev’s Best comes with a highly selective rating points list to choose their 5 Best winners. Dallas Maids garnered first place followed by Emily’s Maids of Dallas. Kev’s Best writes:

Dallas Maids - Kev's Best Choice Award Medal

Dallas Maids is a regionally owned and a family enterprise that has provided maid service from Dallas since it started operating in 2004. They are located in Manor Way, Dallas, Texas. Their experienced and trained house cleaners understand their cover is dependent directly upon your own delight.

By stressing to the loved ones, they have discovered they not just do their job right each second they also always strike what’s demanded on the cleansing test list to get your five-star feedback.

This is the way Dallas Maids mops up their game and also found that the method of becoming an award-winning Dallas Maid Service. They are known to be the No. 1 maid service agency at Dallas. Their commitment to furnishing you with the very ideal cost has made them numerous awards and fame.

Happy Customer, Happy Life

Thank you all at Kev’s Best for recognizing our hard work and dedication in adding to our customers’ happiness by removing the chore of house cleaning. Making our customers happy is what we live for! And seeing reviews such as this one mentioned on Kev’s Best simply makes our day:

Migali did a fantastic job cleaning the small apartment. Everything is sparkling and back to looking new again. Thank you for arriving on time (even a little early!). I would highly recommend Dallas Maids and will definitely use them again!

~ A. D.

It’s always encouraging to hear from customers with their comments and positive feedback. We are always improving our methods and performance to continue being one of the best house cleaning services in Dallas.

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