Happy Father’s Day!

Dallas Maids - Happy Father's Day!

Hi and welcome back to Dallas Maids! First of all, happy father’s day!

We hope you enjoy your special day spending some quality time with your family.

By now, you are probably having fun with a family activity. But what about your home?

You can surprise your dad by planning a fun family cleaning!

We know you might not have enough time or energy at this point to do some heavy cleaning. And, if you didn’t have the time this week to read a deep cleaning checklist that you could use for father’s day, that’s ok.

This is why we wanted to give you some quick but effective cleanig tips to make your home look nice and tidy for father’s day and start next week on the right foot.

As always, make sure to check Dallas Maids of Frisco. A cleaning service always comes in handy and not only for special events.

Let’s get started!

Choose Your Cleaning Tasks Wisely for Father’s Day

For Father’s Day, try to tackle areas that you wouldn’t normally clean on a regular cleaning day. For example, your garage is often overlooked, so you might as well want to start there. If you have the time, start by organizing your cabinets and removing everything from the shelves to give them a good dusting.

Save your floors for last because that is where all the dust is going to fall.

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Set a Timer for Cleaning This Father’s Day

For a quick cleaning to be effective, you need to work smarter and not harder. Set a timer for each cleaning task or area, and, more importantly, a 5-minute or 10-minute rest.

You want to rest from time to time without losing momentum.

You can try the 20/10 cleaning method from our fellow cleaner experts from Emily’s Maids.

Create a Checklist With Cleaning Tasks Instead of Cleaning Areas

A strategy you might find helpful in such short time is to tackle a single cleaning task in your whole home. For example, maybe it’s a good idea to brush and mop all floors for father’s day.

Or, you can vacuum all carpets floors, rugs and furniture. You can also dedicate this time to clean all fixtures, baseboards, and shine your stainless steel appliances.

This is a great chance to enjoy some quality time with father-son or father-daugher activities.

Again, try to think of cleaning tasks that you have been avoiding and that would be helpful to do in a few hours or in the next week.

Dallas Maids - Cleaning with your family members

Ran Out of Options? Call Dallas Maids of Frisco!

If you haven’t had the time to clean and tidy your home for Father’s day, it’s ok!

Check our cleaning service in the Dallas and the Frisco areas for next week.

You can never be too late for cleaning!

We hope you had the best Father’s Day and we’ll be back soon with more cleaning tips!