4th of July House Cleaning Tips

Dallas Maids - 4th of July House Cleaning Tips

Hi and welcome back to Dallas Maids! The 4th of July is right around the corner, so let’s read some house cleaning tips to make your home look nice and shiny!

The Fourth of July is a great chance to invite your friends and family and celebrate this day.

And we all love to receive guests with a clean, tidy home. So you have two options: first, you can hire our cleaning and maid service in Dallas.

Or, you can take this into your own hands and try to clean your home in just 2 days!

Preparing Your Home for the 4th of July Celebration

The most important step before cleaning your house for the 4th of July is to start early. We usually suggest our customers to clean one week prior to important events.

However, there’s only one day left until the 4th of July, so let’s try to adapt our schedule to this short timeframe.

The next step would be to delegate tasks. Other family members can help you! Just assign tasks based on their age, energy, and time availability. You will finish faster and you won’t be as exhausted afterward.

Last but not least, remember to take breaks. It’s about working smarter, not harder. This is because you need to recharge batteries while you’re cleaning and it also helps you keep motivated.

If possible, set a checklist with tasks for each household member to keep everyone on the same page.

Here are some areas that require your attention before the 4th of July: your kitchen, your bathroom, your patio or backyard and your living room.

Dallas Maids - Vacuuming Sofa

How to Clean Your Kitchen Before the 4th of July

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Now, how can we clean our kitchen faster and more efficiently?

First of all, grab your cleaning supplies. Try to get all-purpose degreasers and cleaners, as well as several microfiber cloths.

You want supplies that you can use safely on many different surfaces, in order to scrub, rinse, and wipe dry.

If you don’t have any all-purpose cleaner at home, try mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water and pour it into a spray bottle.

The first appliance to clean should be your fridge. You must be planning on preparing some delicious meals for the 4th of July, so you need to make some room!

If you have enough time, take out your fridge shelves and drawers and quickly clean them using hot, soapy water. If not, just spray your vinegar and water mix and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Next, clean your countertops. If you have natural stone countertops, it’s best to use warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap. If you have laminate countertops, you can use your vinegar and water mix.

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Next On the Cleaning List: Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is a must-have cleaning area. Start by cleaning your bathtub or shower and your toilet with a bathroom cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar.

If you’re running short on time, try to clean at least your toilet and your sink.

To clean your toilet, add 1/2 cup of vinegar and let sit for an hour. Brush and flush, and that’s it!

If possible, add 1/2 cup of borax beforehand and let sit overnight to remove stains.

If you want to check a more thorough cleaning checklist for your bathroom, you can visit the Bathroom Cleaning List from our friends at Emily’s Maids.

Cleaning Bathroom Sink

Get Your Living Room Clean and Tidy Before the 4th of July

Your living room is (most likely) the place where your guests will hang out.

To tidy and clean your living room, start by dusting and vacuuming your furniture. Dust your TV stand, your coffee table and any side tables.

If possible, vacuum bookshelves, plants, or any other additional pieces.

Arrange books, magazines and other items neatly. Remove any unnecessary clutter as well.

Here’s a pro tip: stand in the corner of your living room and “scan” until you notice elements out of place. Put them where they belong and start again until it looks neat.

If you have the time, clean windows and mirrors as well. This will enhance natural light and your room will feel brighter and also bigger.

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How to Clean Your Clean Backyard

Last but not least, if you’re planning on entertaining your guests in your backyard or patio, make sure you give it a good rundown.

We are in the middle of the summer right now in Dallas. This makes it perfect for you to clean your deck and outdoor furniture, because they will dry quickly and snow or humidity won’t become an issue.

First, wipe down tables, chairs and cushions with a damp cloth. You can use hot, soapy water created with a mild soap solution.

Remove any fallen leaves, debris or branches from your backyard. If possible, sweep and clean your patios and decks with a hose or pressure washer.

If you are using any of these tools, remember not to point the washer directly toward the floor to avoid water streaks or damaging any coating.

Remember to Vacuum Your Floors Before the 4th of July!

We are leaving floors for last. This is because all the dust and grime from other elements (countertops, furniture, walls) will end up on your floors, and you don’t want to clean them twice.

Depending on the type, you might need to vacuum and then mop.

This task could easily take you one to two hours, so make sure you leave enough time to successfully vacuum and/or mop your floors.

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Dallas Maids - Sweeping and Mopping Floors


That’s it! Our house cleaning tips for this 4th of July. We’re sure they will get you out of a hurry!

Remember to visit Dallas Maids if you need to book a cleaning service to help you out before this date.

Once again, we wish you a happy 4th of July. Let’s celebrate this special time with our friends and family.

Check our blog as well for more cleaning tips!