How I Started a Cleaning Business

Dallas Maids - How I Started a Cleaning Business

Celebrating Dallas Maids’ 10th year anniversary this month, I was thinking about how I got started. Starting a maid service was originally an idea I had for my girlfriend at the time and her friend. They were wondering what to do with their lives so I suggested a maid service.

Though it was not on a whim; it was an idea I KNEW would work because I had all the things within myself to make it succeed. A determination a year in the making. Here is how I arrived at the idea of starting a professional house cleaning service.

1) Focus on wanting to start a business

During the past year or so I REALLY wanted to do my own thing. It was a thought that was engraved in my subconscious, giving my mind a direction, a goal.

2) Write down all your ideas

One day I decided to write down every idea I could think of. Though this is not the end… over the next year ideas popped in my mind, I might be driving in my car or on the toilet, if an idea popped in my head I wrote it down immediately.

These ideas are the best because thoughts that “randomly” materialize are straight from the subconscious. You’ve given it a goal, now it’s working behind the scenes making numerous of calculations you would not normally be able to do consciously.

3) To find a good idea, have many ideas

After a year or so I had a long list of business ideas. I sat down and looked over them, picking a few that I felt had promise. Though the idea of a maid service appealed to me because I KNEW I would not fail. It’s this feeling you must have because if you know it won’t fail, it won’t.

As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right”. If one does not pop up immediately put the list down and take a look at it a few days later. If THE ONE appears, you will know. Though if it doesn’t, don’t worry, keep adding ideas over the weeks, months, until you find it.

4) Jump in 100%

When you find your idea, as I did, ACT! Quit your job and jump in 100% If you hold onto your current job you will have a crutch that will be too easy to fall back on. After you quit and take the plunge you will be forced to sink or swim… and you will find swimming easier than you had thought. You will not fail.

After my ex-girlfriend deciding not to start the cleaning business was the catalyst to get me to ACT because it was an idea I knew wouldn’t fail, an opportunity I could not pass up.

Succeeding With a Cleaning Business

This is how I succeeded with Dallas Maids. The method outlined here is a similar method I read in a book years (can’t recall the book) after I started. This method is successful because you are using your subconscious mind to do most of the work.

When you initially focused on the problem (such as finding a business idea) you are giving your subconscious mind a goal. So as you go about your daily cleaning business your subconscious works on the tedious details of making your goal happen while you enjoy your day. The solution that “spontaneously” “pops” in your mind is usually the correct one.

In summary, after a year you will have many ideas; to find THE idea, you need MANY ideas. The BEST idea surfaces in your thoughts, an idea you should FEEL it cannot fail. And there you go.

Then it’s only a matter of time, persistence, and fun for success.

I hope this helps aspiring business owners.

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