Overcoming Psychological Barriers & Finding a Failsafe Business Idea

Dallas Maids - Overcoming Psychological Barriers & Finding a Failsafe Business Idea

What is your first thought when you drive pass a mansion with a meticulously manicured lawn and a couple exotic cars parked in the driveway? Just take a moment. And. Ponder… Was it along the lines of “Who did those people scam to get that!?” or was it “Good for them! It’s awesome that they can do that for them and their family”; was it positive or negative.

Don’t feel bad if it was negative because our minds are programmed from childhood to view money as bad. Sayings such as “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “Money is the root of all evil”, “Money doesn’t buy happiness” permeate our society. These are the mottos of the monetarily mediocre. Next time you hear someone say “money doesn’t buy happiness”, ask them if they have lots of money. What do you think the answer will be? So the first step is to reprogram your subconscious mind to smash mediocrity and recognize money rocks!

Reprogram Your Subconscious.

Consciously, you may say to yourself you want to have a lots and lots of mullah. BUT if the subconscious believes the buck is bad then it will sabotage your money-making energies. Feelings of doubt and thoughts of “this business idea won’t work” or “I don’t have what it takes” surfaces and freezes you before taking that first step. The subconscious is not evil [pans over to villain with a devilish chuckle calmly petting cat]; it simply does not want you to do what it perceives as bad. So how do you change its perception?

There are many psychology-based books that are dedicated to reprogramming your mind. Read them. Anyway, one of the universal attributes among all the autobiographies I have read are great people love to read. So develop your desire to dive into books and be more successful. Reading is enjoyable, it enriches your life. Barbara Bush once said she can’t imagine life without reading. So as you seek self-improvement through reading let’s talk about the easiest way to attain 100% financial freedom.

Start a Business.

The easiest way to become rich is to own a scalable, self-sustainable company, developing policies and procedures so that your people will know what to do when you’re absent. Otherwise, if it cannot survive without you then you don’t own a business, you own a job.

And that is just blaaah! There are many books that teach you how to develop a system, policies and procedures, etc that allow a business to run smoothly. So how do you find an awesome idea? Glad you asked!

Have a Failsafe Idea.

Having a business was what I wanted. I wanted it SO bad that it became ingrained in my mind. My now subconscious had a goal and started producing ideas per its own schedule: driving in my car, waking up in the middle of the night, or sitting on the toilet (pardon the visual), the ideas that unexpectedly spring forth are the best because your subconscious has been analyzing the data behind the scenes, making numerous calculations, finishes, and then floats the fabulous ideas to your consciousness. It’s like having your own personal supercomputer do the work.

After a year or so I had a long list of good ideas. And the way to have a great idea is to have many ideas. Looking at the list I quickly zeroed on ideas I felt would work. Then the idea I KNEW would work popped out: Maid Service. You must have the FEELING that you know it can’t fail for feelings are the subconscious’ way to communicate with you. Using your subconscious makes life so much easier.

At that point, I quit my job so I had no crutch to fall back on and jumped in 100%. It was sink or swim. I swam. It was the BEST business decision I ever made. I was finally free…


It’s the freedom that makes you happy; money is just a nice side benefit. Like many I’ve talked to here: I wasn’t after the money. Rather I wanted to build a good business while being free of someone other person determining my livelihood, whether I was promoted, or even had a job (now that’s risk!).

Having good intentions, knowing the universe will provide all that’s needed, that you already have all within yourself to succeed, and every day you are getting better and better; this is the right mindset for success. Positive energy.

Negative Energy Sucks.

Negative energy sucks out motivation. At first no one knew what I was doing, not my family, not my friends, no one, until the business was established. I kept things hushed because people would discourage me, ask why give up a “safe” career to mop floors (with retrospective realization, there was no risk). Even after word got out, word came in such as “You should sell the maid service and find a real job” or “are you still doing that house cleaning stuff?”.

You can be the most confident person though humans are highly suggestible. What others say sink into the subconscious so protect it sacredness. You need to set consciously your own goals less others do it for you. As time went by I defriended pessimistic friends. I seek optimism. Today it’s the same with my businesses: negative, nasty customers are fired, resulting in less stressed, more productive people and a stronger businesses.

Life is good. Money is good.

You deserve to have freedom. I hope this helps and encourages you to take action to achieve your dream. You are blessed to experience this sliver of life in our little corner of the universe between two inconceivable infinities. Make the most of it! Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”