How To Clean Your Furniture – DIY Cleaning Hacks

Dallas Maids - How To Clean Your Furniture - DIY Cleaning Hacks

Welcome to the Dallas Maids DIY Cleaning Hacks – Today it’s all about furniture!


Vacuum – A convenient vacuum brush extension is your fabric’s friend. And if you have pets, this is one task you do not want to hold off on. Otherwise, Fefe’s fine fur strands will become entangled within the fabric, becoming one with your couch. Zen or not, vacuums and lint rollers can be rendered ineffective (I’ve seen this!). So vacuum weekly because it is no fun pulling out strands of fur by hand (Can confirm: I’ve done this).

Spot Clean – To spot clean cloth furniture, using any type of clear alcohol (vodka, rubbing alcohol, etc) works magic. Vacuum, spray alcohol on, and blot.

Using clear alcohol is a great trick from professional carpet cleaners. Touting alcohol as his magical ingredient, I had to try myself. And I was amazed at how well it removed even the most stubborn stains.

You may also use vinegar. Vinegar is a wonderful, natural cleaning agent with so many applications. For fabric furniture, mix 1/4 cup vinegar and 3/4 warm water. Vacuum, spray vinegar solution, then blot until stain is removed.


Always vacuum first, removing dirt and debris, before applying cleaning solutions.

General Maintenance – Combine 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1/4 cup of vinegar, and 1/4 cup of water for an effective, leather cleaning agent. Then vacuum, spray oil/vinegar solution on, and buff with a microfiber cloth.

Stains – An effective cleaning hack for removing tougher stains on leather furniture is applying a little toothpaste. Rub in gently then buff out with a damp cloth. I love using this for my car’s leather interior, too!


Less Is More – The less you clean wood furniture, the better you maintain it.

With Dallas Maids first time or one-time jobs, we love Pledge. We’ve tried a plethora of wood polishing/cleaning agents thought nothing beats Pledge. Just spray on a rag and wipe.

However, with our weekly and biweekly house cleaning clients, we use either a damp or dry microfiber rag. This depends on whether the wood is finished or unfinished – and no Pledge or product. Using Pledge or any wood polisher too often produces a sticky buildup; a magnet for dirt and dust.

Finished wood: If your wood is finished, damp microfiber cloth is all you need.

Unfinished wood: Dust using a dry microfiber cloth. Moisture can seep into the pores of unfinished wood and, over time, warp it.

How to tell if your wood is finished or unfinished? Place a water droplet on the table. If it beads: finished. If it sinks in, flat: unfinished.

Best way to maintain your wooden furniture is by being proactive. Wipe up any spills immediately. Use placemats on tables when eating. For my dining room and breakfast nook tables, I had a glass countertop custom-made for both.


There you have it… a few furniture cleaning hacks we’ve learned over the years by cleaning thousands of homes. Don’t forget to visit our booking page if you need extra help for cleaning your home.