50% OFF Any Housecleaning

Dallas Maids - 50% OFF Any Housecleaning

50% OFF Housecleaning Special!

Here’s the situation:

This Monday and Tuesday are ultra slow. Besides, we have new workers and we need to fill up our schedule. This is why we’re offering a special deal.

We have a Special 50% OFF Any House Cleaning! It’s the perfect opportunity to meet our new staff members and save some serious cash!

This special is meant for any maid service scheduled on August Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th of 2018 only, so you better hurry!

If you haven’t hired a cleaning service before, this is the perfect opportunity to try our cleaning services. Here’s a little guide to find out what our cleaning service entails. Remember you can always add further instructions during the booking process.

Just book online at www.dallasmaids.com and use discount code 50PERCENTOFF

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