How to hire house cleaning services for your home

Dallas Maids - How to hire house cleaning services for your home

Hello and welcome back to Dallas Maids! It’s a bit tricky to hire house cleaning services, or at least, good cleaning services! Here are our favorite tips!

It takes more than goodwill to find a trustworthy and well-meaning cleaning service. If it doesn’t, there would be no need for bad reviews on sites, don’t you think. If you want to hire a cleaning service, you should do your due diligence to ensure either party comes out satisfied at the end.

5 tips to consider before hiring a cleaning service

Choose the type of service you want

The first step is to decide the type of service you are interested in. For example, do you want an individual or a professional cleaning company? Although both types are good, they are best suited for different lifestyles. To hire an individual, you are directly responsible for screening the employee; however, it gives room for personal communication, relationship, and negotiation. Note, though, on days the person is not available, you will be left without a cleaning service.

On the other hand, you don’t need to bother about screening employees or handling the cleaning service paperwork. You also don’t need to bother about absenteeism since someone will always be available to clean your home. However, they are little or no room for building a relationship.

Get referrals and recommendations

Nothing sells faster than news from a friend or an acquaintance. To improve your chances of hiring a qualified service, you should get recommendations and referrals from people who have used it before. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. let you evaluate a prospective client’s level of responsibility, work ethics, and trustworthiness. You can also visit the website if there is one and read through reviews left by previous clients.

Ask for insurance and compensation

No one prays for damage; however, accidents occur even if it is no one’s fault. Hence, you should ask if the company has plans in place to cover damages to your property or their worker. If there is none, you won’t be compensated for stolen or damaged goods, and you will bear the cost for any injured employee. The level of assurance that comes with letting a stranger into your home should be enough to make you feel comfortable with their service even while you are away.

Ask for experience, accreditation, and affiliation

Ask your prospective clients for accreditations and affiliations to lend credibility to their service. Apart from having a trustworthy reputation, the longer the business has been in a successful operation, the higher the chance of a satisfactory job.

Understand the terms of service

Go through the different term of service to evaluate the policy, whether it is favorable or not. Do this, and you won’t be surprised with any unplanned fee or scheduling issues. Depending on the service’s scope, you should ask for a contract to bind the agreement and protect yourself from litigation.


Cleaning services make cleaning much more effective, saves time and effort. You can stick around for the first few cleanings; however, allow them to do their job without much intrusion. Apart from this, be open to communicate with them and ask for their recommendations on this, which they only know best.

That’s it for today! Remember to check our cleaning blog for more cleaning tips and our booking page if you want to book a cleaning service in the DFW.

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